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  1. Adding some more good Vietnamese behavior - this time with more alts Translations included - you can just check their words They tried to "codewrite with numbers / symbols" also.. ha ha ha. This time Babie121 - MiniMK (Screenshots attached from different accounts) but they support me, so job done. I'm starting to believe that these guys will never stop just cause I PK them non stop - while they started it in the first place and now they get what they deserve (which they didn't see it coming)..
  2. My silence to your response, you failed to keep your mouth shut once more 15 year olds.
  3. I'm accepting any kind of chat ban IF these don't apply with the rules (which I'm sure there's not any problem). Now stop spamming the topic and create your OWN, what you've said is against the server rules no matter HOW you said it and also RosieClazy has a history with relatives etc and you guys are pretty much all the same, same faces different NICKnames.. GG - Only admins from now on.
  4. Hello there admins & staff, Here we have once more the Vietnamese speaking about family members again - once more an example of what these guys are made of. Please, ban them for a good amount of time - and their alts also please, Babie121 / -GiancO- so they can actually figure out why this is a SERVER with rules that they NEED to obey. Reason of 4.6: The context where he stated about mothers is RosieClazy saying "I'm smart as a nut" and that was applied to the context of the relatives also. This as of now isn't a game, it's a war with kids that swear about mothers non stop and they get away with it for long time now.
  5. I couldn't properly translate the former thing he said in Vietnamese but it was stating something about "Mother relationships" for @yura0790. Take action against him and ban him in forum as well, this is not tolerated, thank you admins. @-Z-L-O- @Pigeon @Lacrimosa @-Vindy- These Vietnamese folks are literally ruining the server 100% by every possible way and now they came to forum cause they're literally too dumb to coordinate to win SNUFF legit. The game is literally constantly around their swear words / hatred amongst other players these days in King x100 - please do something about it. The other dude @thanhkt06has used already 10+ game accounts to misreport various stuff for his own and his keen's benefit within the server and one of them: mentioning the "unresonable ban topic" was a lie cause the owner of that account "zSecurity" told me that it literally wasn't him - he just used his name. Something has to be done with them, if you want legit names cause I'm tracking them for days now I can give out a former list of who are the troublemakers, which pretty much is 1-2 dudes with 15+ accounts. Thank you in advance about this and I'm literally sorry on behalf of everyone, these guys just can't stand loosing.
  6. manymy should already have been banned, also the other dude IznoGouD and every other name he has as well.
  7. It's funny that you guys don't have a Castle for weeks now and you're trying with EVERY possible way to get it, but you still won't. Have fun, GL - you are literally as smart as bricks
  8. Fail video, Swandive was correctly on graphics (it's just a visual bug from your side) cause of your screen size. Git gut scrubs.
  9. @thanhkt06 a lot of nicknames I see you got there, once you're zSecurity which is entirely another player and I know him and the other time you're iznoGoud, probably you're more as well right? ... like Tramy2012 who was selling for real money, or shall I say Ainggg also? hmmmm weird mate, weird.
  10. I'm literally laughing hard with your comments. My fellow kiddo, you certainly need to develop yourself properly, till then there's literally no point having a conversation with you. Finishing, if I start blubbering you with more complex words - expressions your translator will prolly burn so..
  11. All I see here is some kid VNs again It's "chickens", stop altering the context. Hahahahahahaha Your intelligence never seizes to amaze me. Ban this clown
  12. SuperONE

    Unreasonable Ban

    Cry more weak noob Exactly like the picture below - I live in your head rent free for ever
  13. SuperONE

    Unreasonable Ban

    Someone close this topic, there's no reason to actually reply to any of them, they're just a bunch of bots.
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