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  1. You sell 357 bon + tax = bank ( 250.000 vnđ ) And someone buy this. Now you report him?? Ban this guys ( Seller and Buyer) This is trap!! LOL
  2. Read it and think. Please use your brain
  3. You can forge evidence very easily in cases like this. Play nice, if you want, it only takes 1 2 hours for the above conversations. Do not anyone stupid go to do it. Demon 1k3 $ really! LOL It's easy to fake it
  4. u have 2 combo in 0.2 sec in 3 time? why he can't do that? and you wear rave set + 0 ??? really
  5. check kill/death him and u know he afk or not. This video only 47s not objective
  6. LOL!!!! Your account: hongngoc74. Are you sure u not Vietnamese(SNUFF)?
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