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  1. compare 2 logs of 2 elves to find the difference, and I see no difference.
  2. hihi , 2 months ago thinking -Moon- being a good player turned out to be just a chicken, look at "imbalance" on a problem. it was just too inexperienced with elf dame
  3. what is the truth ? The fact that you lose to ducruby and are trying to assign him violates rule 4.1 or 4.2? while the system has not recorded any errors since he was banned for buying the "Sonate" account.
  4. So funny. Previously when you were in cc ( Chaos Castle) 5, 1 month you had won a total of> 50 cc matches. You have earned a lot of bon and item from it, 2 days in a row you create 2-3 wing 3. No problem until you step on cc 6. You lose 1 person stronger than you. You denounce him, bringing allegations long ago to want to lock his account so that once again you monopolize cc 6. If in the position of ducruby everyone thinks you are jealous of him. Moreover, in 10 ducruby encounters, only one ducruby can combo kill you. You have deliberately done everything to your benefit. You see that is fair? Do you still think you are superior? Please review your personality, please
  5. if you can take a picture of him type "sda123asdr123 right now" you can conclude, don't be so childish, look at the truth.
  6. There were things in the past that were no longer relevant to the present, in the past he had lost 30k PP to unlock his account, what was the reason why he pulled out the old story to say something new? What is more proving that ducruby in the image type "123123" is him now. Can Sever change the character's name?
  7. time ducruby post "123 123" was over 1 month ago. Is it completely unrelated to this topic?
  8. oke I understand the rules, but the behavior is not wrong, no one can prove the behavior is wrong, why make a comment "rec". That's not fair .
  9. I wonder what the senators will do. Combo is like ducruby, like two drops of water. vote ban
  10. Yes. When someone is stronger than me, I will tell him to cheat and hack and record videos. I would then call the "senators" (admin) into "Vote Rec" and ban him. The game belongs to people who know how to record videos and denounce "lies". If it is fair to denounce an innocent person will be charged against the accuser 30 days is justified.
  11. Why rec? Even without anything unusual, no one could point out the problem . But "Rec" comment Extremely ridiculous? Looking at the truth, ducruby is stronger than -Moon-, it is normal for him to win, moon ~ 200k HP, while ducruby ~ 400k. In successive combos 1-2 times easily recognizable -Moon- has reached dangerous blood levels. If those times had IGN + Double Dame, then -Moon- dying would be too normal. Why do seniors want to give ducruby when there is no good reason for that? I am a Vietnamese, I want to play the game fairly, I follow the rules, not the "forest rules" from the senators.
  12. nếu bạn nói anh ta đã chết 15 mạng và không giết ai thì có lẽ bạn đã nhầm. Nếu có lịch sử tôi nghĩ anh ta đã giết nhiều người hơn bạn. Nhưng luật là luật , afk 30s thì sẽ bị ban. Anh ta chấp nhận điều đó và sẽ không còn chuyện đó xảy ra . Còn bạn nói về việc bạn bị ban do lấy tài khoản của người khác, tôi không có thời gian để quan tâm bạn đến vậy, tôi chỉ cần biết như thế là đủ .
  13. thế bạn còn nhớ bạn đã từ lấy 1 tài khoản của 1 người Viêt Nam và bạn đã bị ban vì điều đó ? Quá khứ bạn đã là 1 kẻ lừa lọc và giờ tôi nghĩ nó vẫn chưa hề thay đổi . Trong TDM có rất nhiều tài khoản AFK, nhưng sao bạn lại chỉ report ducruby. Hay là vì bạn đang "ghen ăn tức ở"
  14. bạn có thể giữ im lặng, bạn đã làm được gì cho đời chưa. Mỗi lần nghe bạn nói là tôi lại buồn đi ỉa
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