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  1. dknight27

    Hacker CC

    it happened again just now, a guy tried to go to that corner to take advantage. it happened at CC4 7:00 server time September 19 (or 20 depending on where you are). How this is so common and no one does anything about it? And how difficult it is to track who won the event in the Dababase. This is clearly abusing the game bug to gain advantage.
  2. dknight27

    Hacker CC

    Hi again, it happened again now and I know who it is. The guy is -MooN- Please check his chaos castle winning history and it matched. Also when the event was over, he appears to Davias the same time with me. The right window is where I used to track who will appear. At the end of the video, his name appear on the left window next to me
  3. dknight27

    Hacker CC

    Hi, I'd like to report this guy for taking advantage of CC bug. He intentionally went to that corner and I couldn't hit him. At the end he jumped out to take the box. This is clearly intentionally as I have seen this behavior the 3rd time this month. I have recorded another video of this behavior last week September 12th in cc6 and today it happened again in cc4. the server time are there and you can see my time at the right corner as well IMG_2254.mp4
  4. Hi, I am MrChym, you reported me because you thought I am using marcro? What kind of macro that has text in it? I was just simply left the chat open when I wanted to say something but forgot and then continue to combo. And tell me guys, were the combos good? I didn't even make many combos And admin please verify carefully, unless you can collect any program in my computer, otherwise its a false positive
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