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  1. youre in the wrong and still insisting that ur right
  2. even the one who asked the question said "enjoy ban" "for racism" instead of saying sorry u flamed him i ddnt saw his report in forum so i posted so yeah its up to the admins.
  3. 1. My Nickname: Dancer- 2. Game Server: Empire 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.1 4. Nickname of offender: Bespredel
  4. 1. empire 2. FurkaNTR 3. trade my dl FurkaNTR 100rr dl naked with wings 4. gonna get Dancer- 101rr mg naked with wwings 5. Dancer- 6. put character on market for 12bons and he will do the same with pass 7. I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
  5. maybe u ddnt unequipped the shield
  6. maybe u clicked f12 and opened another client
  7. Its a new year and still farming zen since 2020 Happy new year! RiverSong / Empire x500
  8. RiverSong / Empire x500 Me and my rudolf greet you a Merry Christmas
  9. 1. Empire 2. RiverSong 3. i sell 180bon web 4. will be getting 350 serv bon on empire 5. cammel 6. will transfer 180 bon web to username: convlusion then he will send me 350 serv bon on empire username: sama1l
  10. 1. My Nickname: RiverSong 2. Game Server: Empire 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: Mordsid
  11. 1. Empire 2. Occa 3. i will buy red fenrir for 400 bon web 4. will be getting red fenrir on empire server 5. TattooH 6. will transfer 400 bon web to because494 then he will sell me red fenrir for 12 zen with my chosen password
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