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    AA weapons

    This may not be the place but I can't figure out the craft system. The post say it works with non-exel items, is it only with the weapon listed? For sets it's only with exe items?
  2. Hi! a couple days ago I was looking for the same info, here's the link: It shows the pvp and non-pvp areas and the different events that are active or not depending on wich subserver you are playing. Pretty usefull!
  3. Good morning or good afternoon depending on where are you from Yesterday there was a GM event, we played hide and seek, bring an item and some math questions. The math question had a price of 15 Bon. I won one but I don't have 15 Bon more in my account. Is there anything that I have to do to claim the price or is it just a matter of time? Cool event BTW, I hope this happen often
  4. It would be usefull to have the info on where each acient set drops. or wich grade and have each acient set separated in grades
  5. Thanks for clearing it up. Maybe adding that information to the 2 & 3 profession guide would be usefull, i've read a lot of players asking the same in the post chat since a lot of skills cannot be learned if you don't have that quest done
  6. Hi. I just realized that every time I reset my character I have to do marlon quest again. I have done it 6 times already. Is this normal? or is there a way to have it saved so you don't have to do it again after every reset.
  7. I never knew of that place, thanks. I'm on my 8th rr on my Elf so actually I can still afford it with the quest. Eventually I won't be able but I have a few bless/souls/chaos saved that I can sell since I don't have any good item to use them on. Still pretty weak and reseting in tarkan but well I asume it will get better with time and knowledge
  8. Yeah I'm planning on using it where I know that I don't get damage lol Sorry for the ignorance but what is "Snowstorm devias"? Is that where the poertal outside devias go? what are the conditions to kill there? I'm saving cash points to get one Rudolf
  9. Thanks for the advices! I'll try to find those drops. Is there a way to get Rudolf other than buy it in the cash shop?
  10. Hi! sorry if it's a stupid question, i'm new to the server and by my 3rd reset I'm out of zen. The only thing I can do right now are quest that sometimes give Zen because I can't farm any valuable item to sell in the market yet and the zen that drops from mobs it's not enough. Is there any other activities that I'm missing to make zen. I don't want to be rich just be able to reset so I can advance in the game. Thanks for the help
  11. Thanks for the link! And where do I get Star of Sacred Birth from?
  12. Hi! I'm new at the server, is there a drop table where I can check where to get the multishot skill? Or could someone sell/give me the skill? Thanks!
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