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  1. 1. Name character: xGiangcOx, account : avera87 ( after the lost I moved it to account: thangcuay). Server King 100. 2. it had been traded in game 3. I lost it on Sunday 14/03/2021. last time seen it was last Saturday 13/03/2021 4. I and my friends still used it on Saturday 13/03/2021 and logged out, but when we logged back in the account for Castle Siege on Sunday 14/03/2021 the horse was not there anymore. 5. the item serial is on the picture below 6. Safe Mode wasn't activated.
  2. I lost this Shadowmere, I wanna know all the transactions information where and how this horse had been traded in the last 5 days. thank you GM
  3. so if you really think its a joke, why adm have to open the poll votes for survey?
  4. I disagree, over 60% of the votes of 18h server time. why do we have to change it into 19h? just follow the votes cause it describe the time that most of players want to go. This make everything really inconvenience.
  5. I am not saying that we have to change to Vietnam time zone or any other country time zones because it sound doesn't fair like you said, but we can make the time events earlier maybe 2-3 hours for the inconvenience for everyone. Mu Bless is the best server I've played and just wanna provide my own opinion to make it even better, so there's no argument.
  6. Due to the fact that the time events are a little too late for some countries, I strongly recommend to make the time event up to about 2-3 hours earlier for both servers King X100 and Empire X500. Provide your opinion on the comment section below. Thank you.
  7. I dont how to purchase to buy bonuses through Visa card. Can anyone help me out? thank you.
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