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  2. Tested in Icarus. I dont think it should matter the mobs. The formula must be: Stock zen = 100. 1 item +40% zen = 140. etc It doesnt work like that for me and i want to know whats up with that if possible.
  3. Exactly. Can any admin explain what is up with this issue please?
  4. What that has to do with the increase acquisition rate of zen option from set/shield/rings?
  5. Hello, so my problem is this, i have equipped full set + increase zen option. Zen dropped is for example: 20-24k zen per mob. After that i equip shield + zen 40%. Zen dropped is still 20-24k zen per mob, remains unchanged. Why it is not increased +40%? is it some kind of bug or is something else that im missing here? Server Master, character Carnat. Thank you !
  6. Hello. I am looking for english speaking guild. In-game name : Geza. Active player, just started 2 resets. Thanks !
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