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  1. +His main character is -PG13- (update to no.2)
  2. What do you mean it's not opened? It's entirely opened. Are you saying you are just going to ignore this thread after all this evidence/proof that i provided? Thanks you lost a valuable player.
  3. Do some action and don't just close the thread. all proofs and evidence are provided! Do some work.
  4. Link and proof the guy from discord is him: x100 pp to bk 3rd wing - Contractual and warranty deals - Bless Gaming Forums Screenshot:
  5. Another proof from discord market place:
  6. So what kind of screenshot do you want me to provide? I will keep opening my topic until he get's banned. I pressed enter here and f5 and took a screenshot. Do some action or you will lose another valuable new player/donator. This dude been shit talking to me ever since im just ignoring it but this time i won't let it slide. 1. xNishee2. king3.4.1/ 4.24. 400kg 5.
  7. closed this thread i made i proper report, thanks!
  8. telling player idiot because he doesn't like the price.
  9. 1. xNishee2. king3.4.1/ 4.24. 400kg5.
  10. telling player idiot because he doesn't like the price.
  11. 1. xNishee2. king3.4.1/ 4.24. 400kg5.
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