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  1. Hello. Im offering you to be my referal on server Empire 500x. https://mu.bless.gs/?page=start&referral=387946 Why you should be my refferal? 1. You get achievment "Barker" done when you get 85 res. 2. When you get 55 res you get 10 bon from server and 250kk ZEN from ME. 3. When you get 75 res you get 20 bon from server and 500kk ZEN from ME. 4. When you get 95 res you get 45 bon from server and 1kkk ZEN from ME. Please when you register write here so i can add you in list. P.S. Im paying zen only till my achievment "Braker" is done. After that you will still get bonuses.
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