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  1. 4.3. It is forbidden to mention relatives and family in verbal altercations, in any context, and interpretation. Penalty: Chat ban on characters on the account for a period of 3 days * number of violations. 4.6. It is forbidden to humiliate and (or) offend relatives and family. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. in this case it is a verbal private altercation straight up
  2. The main point is I am actually sorry for being offensive I know I was in the wrong and I wont do it again I'll behave properly but sometimes we have bad days and we pop
  3. New Bitmap Image.bmp @-Deluxe- It wasnt humiliation nor offending due to the fact that it was straight up a private message it wasnt adressed over all chat post or anything like that and definetly adressed straight towards him as a curse word while i did mention before i was in the wrong the rules should be properly used which in this case I dont feel like they are . Read rule 4.3
  4. Humiliation offend? yeah sorry none of those were done. A chat block for 3 days according to the rules should be the right call.\ In any case just to add up im aware I was wrong with my attitude and by doing so I wanna call out the player I insulted. @blessgold I am sorry for the attitude I had towards you even tho I was pissed of that attitude isnt a mature one and its definetely not commendable I apologize for my outrageous attitude I ment no offense to your family it was just a plain curse out of anger without a meaning behind it
  5. Hello can I please get a reply to this post ? There is no reason whatsoever for a actual ban ? Which by the way I didnt get informed of? of its duration ? I've been waiting 2 hours. @Ivan Nebraska
  6. Also Im shooting back at him he killed me for no reason multiple times stold my spot made me lose 20kk at least on tps because i got killed and tp-ed to devias. I'll take a chat block its fine I deserve that but not a block. But show me some mercy and remove the block and it wont ever happen again.
  7. Yes no look over his messages. Here's what happened. 1) I was chill farming in my own spot not fighting anyone I'm a low lvl barelly having a rudolph 2) He comes and kills me once twice tree times ok ok 3)I get pissed and insult him 4) he insults me 5) fight escalates 6)as i read the rules it says I can get a chat ban and as u can see I wasnt the conflict started I was straight up provoked
  8. 1. Your forum nickname. loteri11- Shiftiecxx ingame name2. Nickname of the moderator, which punished you. ??????3. For what reason you were punished? ??????????4. Why, in your oppinion punishment is unfair? Nothing in the rules to get punished for by acc block from all I can tell (maybe a chat block at best)
  9. No notice no nothing kicked in the middle of the game with my friends. Why? And I get a asking price of 580 bon to unlock ? Excuse me but I didn't do anything from all I can say maybe a bit of verbal toxicity but thats all there was to it .
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