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  1. Yes that what i mean, there are some places with 100% spawns, its like place A, B, C, D and E, and when Wizards spawn - they will spawn on one of the spots with 100% chance. I guess we are playing on differend servers , or even differend games... Thank you very much !
  2. If there was a random spawn spot - all of them would not be killed in 5 seconds after respawn.
  3. Does it make any sence ? btw - with killing red dragons - i have no problems
  4. Hello everyone! Im new player in MU Online. I am trying to find some White Wizards for a bunch of days, and it seems impossible. Its like when there is an announcement ingame that they are arrived , they are killed in several seconds - so i quess there are fixed spawns of them, and i dont think that its normal. Why there was such a decission to do that ? Literally who know all spawn spots and have enough characters - have all the chances to get them. Is it possible to make random spawn in each city? Like not 2-5 fixed spawn places with 100%chance that they will appear on some of them, but really random places - so they can appear anywhere on the map. Best regards.
  5. qlime

    Chaos Castle bug

    Shall wait to GM for a reply...
  6. qlime

    Chaos Castle bug

    If you mean this kind of bug - It is beeing discussed already on russian speaking forum, you can translate it if you want - https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/58844-аномалия-в-сс-wtf/
  7. qlime

    devias bug

    Is the game crashing with some Error, or just client is closing ?
  8. qlime


    1. My Nickname: Paranoia 2. Game Server: Empire 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.1 + 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: Jumm
  9. I guess there is no fixed spawn time. So if player found boss and killed it, it will spawn after 5 hours again (5 hours is an example)
  10. No luck for something special for me, if there is something of course. Getting stones and boxes always
  11. Use Chrome, when you go to MMOTOP link, press right mouse button and press on "Translate" If you dont have that option , you should enable it : How to Turn Translation On or Off The first thing you want to do is fire up Chrome, click the menu icon, and then click on “Settings.” Alternatively, you can type chrome://settings/ into your address bar to go directly there. Once in the Settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Advanced.” Scroll down a little bit more until you see the Languages heading, then click on “Language.” By default, Chrome has translation enabled. If you want to disable this feature, click the toggle button into the off position. If you’re going to continue to use the translate feature, do nothing. When navigating to a site that’s automatically been translated by Chrome, a Google Translate icon appears in the Omnibox. To see what’s available for the site or language-specific options, click the Translate icon. From here, you can choose to “Show Original” to translate the page back into the original language, or you can click the dropdown “Options” button for a few other choices, like having it always translate the language, never translate the language, or never translate the current site. You also can change language settings. If you have more than one language added to your browser, Chrome will normally just offer to translate web pages to your browser’s primary language. By default Chrome’s translating of additionally added languages is turned off, but if you’d rather Chrome handle these languages as well, click more (three dots next to a language) next to the language, and tick the “Offer to translate pages in this language” setting. This lets Chrome translate specific languages for you in the future.
  12. Спасибо, сразу не сообразил. Почему-то прочитал как увеличит на 125%.
  13. Ну а если бы к тебе проявляли больше заботы , ты бы не искал бы на форуме подобные темы и не указывал кто в чём не прав - вместо того чтобы нормально объяснить. Тебя тоже понять можно.
  14. Вместо заявленных 125 давать 25 ?
  15. Добрый день, столкнулся с такой ситуацией... Хотел купить бафф на +125% , а выдали всего 25%.
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