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  1. Hello, i kill ilusion kundun in kalima 1 in main serwer and subserwer but quest are not done. I lost 200kk zen for maps and whole day to kill it. (i know spawn 2h but other players also try to kill it. So something is wrong with description, why is that quest description 50% if it doesnt work? So kalima 1/2 ?
  2. hello, 50% is 1/2 so it doesnt metter where i kill ilusion of kundun? So i can choose kalima 1 or kalima 2?
  3. I think good idea. Maby GM will response to this.
  4. Hello, how i can craft exc ring or pendant by craft system on website? What items i need to smelt?
  5. I vote every time to Empire x 500 now i check last votes was on 1000x serwer but i have not characters there. Can you transfer then my BON to Empire x 500 nickname Skrzatu?
  6. Hello, from 31.01.2021 i dont recive any bons from voting in MMOTOP.RU serwer x 500 Nickname: Skrzatu
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