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  1. 5 or 10 cp would not discourage the few individuals that keep abusing the rules. Only the introduction of actual PVP elements would do so but I don't think many people would like that. My suggestions : Zero cost for PK clear /pkclear command (or similar) Teleport menu available at all PK levels
  2. Good luck with whatever you do next. If your new yacht is equipped with a helipad I might visit you someday.
  3. If I remember correctly I got my kalima 2 fragments in LT7, lots of spots/mobs and good respawn rate. Kalima 3 from lizard kings (there is a descent spot in atlans, close to the hydras). Just keep in mind that it might take 3-4 hours for a complete map. If you afk in aida/vip with rudolf for that amount of time you'll probably gain enough zen to buy a couple of maps.
  4. aldus

    Fire Scream bugged?

    The same was happening to me until, well, it stopped happening I think there is a certain range of agi or ene where this skill exhibits this abnormal behavior. As my DL gained resets/stat points the skill was fixed. Also, after a certain energy level I never run out of mana so I no longer have to carry mana pots. Problem solved I guess ? EDIT : erm, probably what r41mundo said
  5. Hey justsmile2, I saw the video (it was working until a few hours ago). Something similar happened to me - in my case the item on the inventory was only partially visible but the problem was that it actually occupied 3 grid squares (ie. I couldn't use that part of the inventory). It happened when I picked up a drop from a kundun box (an apprentice wand by the looks of it but it had no name on the ground or on the inventory). The problem persisted for 2-3 days (kinda annoying, tried restarting the client, the PC and even installed the client on another PC to no avail). Then it sorta fixed itself (I figured it was a patch or some sort of a server side automated process that resolves such issues periodically, who knows ?). Maybe try wait for a couple of days ?
  6. OK, thank you both for the replies (Ivan your explanation was on point). I thought I was supposed to retain my allocated stat points but this way seems more balanced. Consider this topic closed.
  7. Hello, whenever I reset a character all my stats reset to that of a level 1 character, ie. stat points do not carry after each character reset thus making the reset pointless. It's like I'm starting all over again. On my character sheet I can see the number of resets but I do not get the stats I had before the reset. All I get are free stat points like I made a whole new character (eg. 2600 for an MG) Am I missing something ? I followed the character reset service from the webpage. Thank you for your time, much appreciated !
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