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  1. Please watch at 2:00 This is not sometimes happening on -l-Ares-l- It is bug all MG. We tested it and recorded on 3 different pc. This is not intention to use Bug as advantage.
  2. Please watch Video at 1:00 This is sometimes happening on MG when he has max AGI. If reporter accuses him to use cheat program, it would be nice that reporter would give evidence. How do we avoid this situation on MG on Bless Server? We still do not understand how we can provide you the evidence about this. This is such an unfair decision from Senate. It is also happening on WOW from Empire Guild. They use bug as advantages all the time but we really do not want to touch these people. They are overplayed the game. We would not report them anymore but we will provide the evidence to help fixing bug on server and we will have best MU server. Thank you
  3. Recently, there are many topic reporting in prison section about Bless Arena Bug. All of us experiences most of time, we could not attack people running out from safe zone for 1 or 2 second. SM teleports in safe zone and we could not attack. EE buff in safe zone and we could not attack. Inner buff in safe zone and we could not attack. If this problem is not fixed by server, it should be justified by players intention to get reported or banned by 3.1 rule. For example, they use bug more than 20 seconds without stopping it. This is obviously intentionally of the act in 3.1 rule but if it is just few seconds, it should not consider in 3.1 rule. There are some people trying to make this community toxic and not fun anymore by this bug.
  4. I believe you create this server for all people around the world. Since some people take game so seriously, they mostly insult people by their nation. It is just becoming toxic community different from the goal of fun in Mu Online server. Both in game server and forum.
  5. Guys stop talking to this reporter. We cannot attack their EE in CS room too. We sometimes cannot attack BA bosses too. We also sometimes cannot attack ET bosses too. Just stop response to this reporter. He has no rights to question us. If he reports, just give proof. It is about Bless Senate. I believe they are fairness and make a right judgement without discrimination. These are proofs.
  6. First, we do not report about this. There is no point to do because we would not get fair decision and other people come to spoil the post in anyway. Dear all senate, your server has bug on BA. We have experienced the same things too but only few seconds and we always stop because it was unintentional as Empire threatened us to report us back about this bug 1 or 2 seconds. You can see the video. This is always happening as they use bug as advantages to get the boss. I have more videos if you want but HUGE my leader as me to stop report about this thing. Dear Empire Guild, you do not need to spam comment to defend or threaten us. We will stop report any of your guild members even they cheat in other way. HUGE just wants peace for playing MU. I wish we have fun server to play with no toxic community.
  7. Please feel free to report us and we can do the same way for that 1 and 2 second bug. We also have all videos of most your characters not only your Inner and EE. Today, we got other one with Psycho again but he knew and moved back to safe zone in 4 seconds. I do not want to waste my time with you about this since our leader asked us to stop replied or talking with you about this.
  8. Dear Senate, I believe you create this game for all people around the world without discrimination. We also pay and donate as the same they do. Base on recent posted about Psycho and this posted, you can see everything about Empire guild which is trying to threaten us in anyway like this none sense posted. I have more than twenty videos when they are using bug at BA for buff and never report because we know it is bug. Previous video about Psycho was just because we already warned that their player many times to stop but he did not. I am sure that the Owner of LordMagi character is always playing Psycho, CTR7 and WOW while real owner is busy or sleeping. About Bug at BA, all players sometimes could not attack when enemy run out for 1 or 2 second which is difficult to avoid. The reason, we reported because they took advantages from it more than 50 second even after we asked them to stop. At last about this report and videos, there is nothing wrong and against your rules. If the reporter accuses him to use any program or software about cheating, please provide them as evidence because we are feeling the same thing that they are using program or software to cheat but we have no proof. This is normal reaction when we lose fight or dual. We can make more videos same as these videos for you if you demand but my friends already provide more than 4 videos here. Please Mr. @-Vindy- Mr. @-Z-L-O- & Mr. @Pigeon makes a fair decision for all people around the world.
  9. We will do the same. Let start with Befx and I'll start with your N1ke. Why can't you understand about this simple thing? You cannot avoid 2 seconds bug as your CTR7 and WOW run out. This is bug and unintentional act different from your guild mate took this bug as advantages for around 1 minutes in this video. What are your purpose here? Threaten me? First, you defended for Visual bug. Second, server bug. Third, unintentional act. Now, 2 seconds bug reason and threaten us? This is becoming toxic community when we have rules and cannot apply and still keep people commenting on this post. FYI, u kill us every time after sometimes bug server for 1-2 seconds. Try me to report us for this and let see how admin and senate decides and my videos will be following by your report.
  10. Please report us if we do some actions against rule. You do not need to send me the videos. I have all of them all of the time. You could not attack for 2 seconds and I moved to let you killed me. This is calling bug and unintentionally which we never report anyone. If this 2 seconds is banned, it is fine that I will send all videos of your whole guild members in here too. Why it is so difficult to accept the truth that your guild mate played your sharing account and used for buff advantages in safe zone around 1 minutes which is different from 2 seconds bug. This is so simple to understand.
  11. That's obviously intentional. Can't you see by video? Before boss spawned and after bosses died more than 50 second. Please ask your guild mate and just end all drama and none sense comment talking about your real life, your innocent, and your lovely people from here. Let admin and senate do their job. One more thing, every single time, your lovely guild mate sees us. You know what they call us. P.....Y B.....H and .......... Very nice people you have. Just end all drama from here. I pay to play my game as you do and follow the rules. Please report anyone cheats on this game not just Empire or Cardinal for us to have the best server and fairness MU Online. Edit: My guild master asked me to stop from this. If you want more videos about G1N doing ALT F4 at Kalima 6 and Nike did the same thing like this videos and CTR run out from safe zone in Bless Arena without getting attacked and all your guild mate WOW, CTR7, kam1y, LordMagi posted calling us like those P.....Y B.....H and .......... Add me on discord. I can send you all of them with time and date.
  12. Do you want me to record every time you run out from Bless Arena safe zone while we are camping you? We cannot attack you from 1 second to 2 second all times. If you are trying to do or say something bad to others because of your actions to make you feel better, you can continue to do it and please make the reports all characters who did any actions against the rules in this game. We have no drama or trash talk here. As you can see some of people of your guild just come here talking none sense to make this post looks more innocent for your actions. There is no point to discuss here. Let Admin or Senate does their jobs to fix server bug and ban whoever takes advantages from it. Edit: Our guild master asked us to never report if you are unintentionally committing the actions. Ask someone who played that characters (Psycho) on that time the truth. He did it many times on purpose to win the boss fight while you are sleeping Mr. CTR7 even with EE (Nike). He also did ALT F4 in Kalima but our guild master asked us to not report because it was not owner of character playing that. You should manage and stop sharing account to disqualified members who likes cheating. U know whom I refer to and we should end comment on this post here. I do not want to post all your videos running out from Bless Arena Safe zone by CTR7 characters and Nike buff back.
  13. I believe you did not read my writing properly. This Inner gave buff to CTR7 and STRAFE before 10 second boss spawned. CTR7 run out to boss spot and we followed to kill him on Kundun 2 spot. Please ask your friends who were playing those characters and accepted the truth. This is not the first time. After I reported this, Nike (EE) still use this bug on other boss in Bless Arena.
  14. This video was recording after boss fight. Don't you see we just come back to kill your EE and hit your inner (Psycho) but we couldn't. We were camping CTR7 and STRAFE. Last 10 second before boss was spawned, this Inner came out to give buff to STRAFE and CTR7 and CTR7 run out to boss spot, we followed and killed CTR7 on boss spot Kundun 2. In the video always show STRAFE and CTR7 got Inner from that Psycho. This is so intentionally taking advantages from bug. This is also not the first time. This video is fully showing everything how you use bug as advantage more than 30 second before and after boss fight. I believe we are playing in a fair Mu online and fair community.
  15. 1.My nickname is Unemployed. 2.Game Server: Empire 3.Violet rule: Using buff Inner bug in Bless Arena 4.Nickname Offender is Psycho. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getguild&name=Empire&serv=server3 5.Proof: Video. This is not the first time.
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