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  1. Just wait and see, admin is clever
  2. We can show handcam if you asked for. This is game of skill so rather improving yourself or stay below. We are man of words so mind your speaking.
  3. Please check this is technically possible to combo fast
  4. I am owner of -BMW- , server King x100. My char got banned yesterday by admin. I am creating this topic to appeal your decision. I believe that the reason of my ban is from performing fast combo for class BK. Me and my guild mate had test and capture videos (links attached) and we are 100% sure it’s possible to do fast combo in this server. We have tested in Bless Arena and the worm with a similar built BK. These videos are from my friends demonstrating it, there is clearly no tools, marco or hack used. I can record mine and send you a video of my char performing this style of combo when you unlock my char Please check and give out a right decision to a genuine player, you must know this better than anyone else. Thank you.
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