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  1. 1. Empire x500/Extrimex5000 2. JAVA 3. Buying MORBIUS SM for bonuses extrime x5000 4.Buying MORBIUS SM with fallowing items :Crystal Staff +13 FO (-2%dmg): Legendary Helm+13+L+28def+hdd8+hp+dd+ref+rate: Legendary Armor+13L+28def+hdd8+hp+dd+rate+zen: Legendary Pants +13+L+28def+hdd8+ref+hp: Legendary Pants +13+28def+hdd8+dd+rate: Legendary Boots +13+L+28def+hdd8+hp+dd+ref/Grand Soul Shield+13+FO+8hdd: Wings of soul +13+l+16dmg+hp+mana+ignor: Ability Pendant+rate+mana: Ice ring+11+zen: Poison ring +12. 5.akserg1 6.How deal gonna heppen: I buy Morbius sm in market for 12 bon, imidently after purchase character i sending 4000 clean bon Extrime from acc:skutelis to acc:2019 7. Agree
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