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  1. thank bác nha, còn skill StarFall ene trên 300 thì dùng dc.
  2. Hello friends, I just buy a Char ELF , but after reset I cannot use skill Starfall and triple shot. (agi 25k). I do not known why. can anyone explain for me ? for new Char what to do to use Starfall ?? Thank you all.
  3. my laptop not laggy, but I think GM not care.
  4. Hello all gamer ! some thing strange, I saw some guys moving so fast, how can I get it too. Or achieve by using hack. Thank you all. eviden_(online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  5. Hello all gamer. When I try to create Condor Feather . I only have 2% success chance. My items are: Wing 2 + 9 lv, + 16 op ANC grade C : + 9 lv, + 16 op Any known how to get more rate in the easy way: should I up lv to Wing or ANC and which lv is good enough to Create ???
  6. Hi all Gamer and GM (who manage MU Bless) At 5h10 - 5h18 (13/07/2021) When event Red Dragon. I see the Char "o0o7UPo0o " hack moving speed to hunt Red Dragon. That is really unfair, GM can you check it. and do something to prevent player using hack, I known an application name "CheatEngine" to hack. But I not using it, afraid ban my account. this time I not record, but next time I do to got evidence. Thank you all.
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