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  1. ntduc1

    Condor Feather

    upgrade ancients to +13, do not upgrade wings you get about 37% chance of success.
  2. you not got my mean. example . you are level 31 you kill 2 player and 1 monster. if you are 8x reset your exp is 15k exp for each player you killed => your level is around 32 after finish cc. if you max reset your exp is 15k exp for each player you killed . but after finish cc, you get reward exp and your level is 48. that's why i asked. should reward exp is the same for each player ?
  3. 1x to 8x or 9x reset the same reward exp. 8x or 9x reset reward exp lower max reset. this is ridiculous for me.
  4. they not in range 98 - 100 reset. "In regards to clones or "main characters (which I assume are max resets)", they don't really care about exp. so asking if it is fair or not is irrelevant. ". they care about EXP level, they want to keep their main characters in chaos castle 1.
  5. hi, I go to Chaos Castle 1 for personal reason. I just kill 2 player and 1 monster, but the level gain so fast after i out of Chaos Castle 1. 16 gain to 28, and 31 gain to 48 level . i am the last. when other player used their main char to kill other player only get 15k exp for each player they kill, and no more exp after finish. and then they out of Chaos Castle, let their clone to kill monster to get pink box. is it fair ? should reward exp is the same for each player ? thank you.
  6. hi , when i come to Chaos Castle 1 and 2 , there is too many clone. maybe 1 main char and 3 clone. they used 1 main character to kill player and clone to kill monster. so they keep their main char in Chaos Castle 1 and 2 , for long times to kill other player again and again to get pink box. I think Chaos Castle not place to do that to get pink box, its place to show pk skills. should we limit 1 player each IP. thank you.
  7. Hi friends, To play game it tale a long time to Reset, however I cannot turn my Laptop 20/24 or 24/24. So anyone known where to hired Cloud Computer to AFK. that's really helpful for me. Thank you all.
  8. thank bác nha, còn skill StarFall ene trên 300 thì dùng dc.
  9. Hello friends, I just buy a Char ELF , but after reset I cannot use skill Starfall and triple shot. (agi 25k). I do not known why. can anyone explain for me ? for new Char what to do to use Starfall ?? Thank you all.
  10. my laptop not laggy, but I think GM not care.
  11. Hello all gamer ! some thing strange, I saw some guys moving so fast, how can I get it too. Or achieve by using hack. Thank you all. eviden_(online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  12. Hello all gamer. When I try to create Condor Feather . I only have 2% success chance. My items are: Wing 2 + 9 lv, + 16 op ANC grade C : + 9 lv, + 16 op Any known how to get more rate in the easy way: should I up lv to Wing or ANC and which lv is good enough to Create ???
  13. Hi all Gamer and GM (who manage MU Bless) At 5h10 - 5h18 (13/07/2021) When event Red Dragon. I see the Char "o0o7UPo0o " hack moving speed to hunt Red Dragon. That is really unfair, GM can you check it. and do something to prevent player using hack, I known an application name "CheatEngine" to hack. But I not using it, afraid ban my account. this time I not record, but next time I do to got evidence. Thank you all.
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