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  1. 1. My nickname: Xymeth2. Game server: Master3. Rule clause that was violated by the offender: 2.24. Nickname of the offender: SuperMariO5. Proof: He's been doing it before already in BA and Kanturu Domination but haven't got a chance to record a video. But this time I had. Please analyzed the video and I hope you come up with legal and fairness decision that would stop this person from doing such illegal or against the rules gameplay.
  2. Just a quick question..What can i create on special craft if i put a feather of condor and a flame of condor?since it has a slot for those 2 ingredients on special craft box.
  3. Could be just an internet problem. We have unstable internet here in our country. Same as mine, sometimes my screen closed without me closing it. I just login it back. But it doesn't mean some are abusing the game's weaknesses. Players here will never do that. Fun will stop if they do. Just saying.
  4. Is there any chances in future update that we can directly pm or chat the sellers in web market..instead of looking for them in ingame? Note: Just want to suggest to add this message option over the web.
  5. сколько квестов мы должны сделать, чтобы вернуть потерянную статистику?
  6. How do I check the number of monster that I already killed?
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