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  1. is this what you dream of at night and you are telling us now? this x5000 server is pvp server,, you don't own sword pvp if you play with macro, it is clear that the wind protection is no longer important!!
  2. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Suicide&serv=server5 This character is not fully equipped pvp does not have a top set it is impossible to beat with a non pvp character a foo character a dl foo pvp!!!
  3. when a DL example character is equipped with wind protection, a large percentage of the combo is canceled!!!
  4. 1) Server x1002) Your nickname Margelatu3) What exactly are you buying/selling Sell 347 bon clear x100 (the receiving account will receive it privately)4) What exactly are you getting from the other party (if you're the second party, then what you get from the first party) 200 web bonus clear 5) Nick of the second party (if you're the second party - your nick) -PATROH-6) How the deal will be done (the second party should agree to this point and just write - agree) send web bonus after send bonus7) Confirmation, that you fully read the rules of contractual deals and are aware of the risks. The second person might not fulfill his part of a deal and you will lose everything. agre
  5. @BeL4eNaK @Artemy Shan @Ivan Nebraska can you make donations possible with paysafecard as well? Add pvp be returned after it has been added?
  6. this problem does not happen only to me, can someone solve this problem? ,The game does not continue, it closes automatically, that's why the number of players dropped dramatically because of this error
  7. and to me the same
  8. can anyone solve this problem with this error? for 30 minutes I failed to connect to the game because of this error
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