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  1. maddox07

    error or bug ?

    what its this ???
  2. and again show me something about self-defense Sabretooth !
  3. Please make him to pay more maybe wll find his brain ! x30 ORIGIN, name of player -Aluf- ! 19.10.2023 close then 22.00 server time !
  4. If they can do something for which you have no exact explanation, this is BAD! Think about how much damage he can do in the future because this is certainly not the first time when he has done something like this! The rules are for everyone, make checks because of people like him we lost good players !
  5. It seems that an answer to this topic is being avoided ....
  6. Hello, on the Origin server, there is a character that came two days in a row, in the spots from KANTURU ARENA (in these two days, having access, another guild), you can check this, how did he manage to enter in Kanturu Arena.
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