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  1. Hi, Drakonis I am not using the DISCORD, anyway I'm not the pro.gamer 😄 Pls, help us in this 4rum. Thanks u so much!
  2. Hi Drakonis, I'm having the same issue and using windows 11. Help me pls, tnx
  3. Hi, ADM I had this issue and can't login the game. I have tried to run all way (Main.exe, Bless.exe, Play.exe) and tried to restart my PC but nonsense. Help me Pls. Thanks,
  4. Hi, ADM and every-one For this below item, can we upgrade it to +14, +15 for bonuses on the web? Thank you,
  5. Hi, ADM. I got this problem more than twice, that the boss disappeared suddenly and I ran around the ring but found nothing. Could you show me how to fix this problem? Thank you!
  6. Hi, ADM and Gamers, At the moment, I can't get any reward of ET event. Please show me the right way. Thank you very much!
  7. Hi, ADM I got 1 point for Guild tribute, but it was gone after stats resetting. How could I get back the point? Thank you!
  8. My Char. has done 380 Quest, got 2000 stats from Rquest, full stats point from all lvl 220 quests. And had nearly 67k stats at the lvl 400 of 10th reset
  9. Thanks for your Rep. I've made my stats reset but the stats is still the same as before
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