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  1. There are no longer 2 alliance guilds but 3 guilds, not bad 🤪🤑🤐. So cool
  2. Hi, Admin I'm Sting, account owner of temviet88 and kyosin14 playing server x50. This afternoon, the kyosin18 account was banned for unknown reasons and there is no information on the website about the banned person. I always use liveguard to enter the game. And these past few days, I only suspended my account for quests and did not participate in any events. After overnight, I logged in and found out that my account was banned, so I wrote a post for the admin to check and resolve it for me. because this account kyosin14 will participate in CS this weekend. ThanksCảm ơn
  3. The game character -ATULA- kept losing connection, we felt very frustrated during the CS event. We tried to stabilize the guild lineup but failed. After entering the castle we tried to PK to protect the guild but failed. The next day, the character BK -ATULA- was banned without any reason or response from the Admin. We feel disappointed with the way the game is managed. Why are admins banning Noobdw characters very slowly but -ATULA- very fast? Is there anyone who doesn't like the IMOx association? Still ''IMOx again Guard + Admin Mu Bless'', Thank you all.
  4. Hi everybody. I am currently playing the Avalon x50 server, I am living in Vietnam and I feel that changing the game time zone causes a lot of disadvantages for players in Asia due to the change in event time, it takes place on midnight radiant that I had to work the next day. Please consider changing the in-game time thank you!
  5. Tôi cảm thấy bình thường, đọc bài viết này chỉ cho vui qua ngày.
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