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  1. сколько активных окон можно открыть в Авалоне?
  2. yes i agree . What's your take people playing 20 windows and farming boxes ? I did testing and farming on 0 rr character boxes equals more gold from jewels than farming at 90+ rr with full zen set. A day of full afk in bless arena gives me around 2kkk in zen and farming red ribbons gives around 5kkk a day downside you need to clear trash each hour. Is it worth to have bunch of low windows farming currency or its not ?
  3. yes but they added grade scaling and low sets went to trash can. Its kinda understandable that higher grade should preform better than low grade but imagine if you are not top 2 guild member you will be able to get those items just by buying BAD option items and good items stay in farming guild and this is so bad.
  4. skolko okn c botomy mozna zapuskati esti otvieti uzhe ili net ?
  5. Still no replay on my questions from administration i assume they give 0 F about English speaking people
  6. same here Dave i was like sure i will play but now i dont want anymore since reality is this server is massive p2w
  7. Well its based on few things 1. Good guild which can share their best accounts to dominated other people. (i hate that account sharing is allowed in most games its banned for a reason) 2. Ability to stay online in major boss spawns and major events takes 8+h a day 3. Very deep pockets to get good account you need 3,5k-5k Euro with less you are just mob kilning pleb no competition at all. (This is very warring part) As most i dont mind spending 20-100 Eur month but going on that kind of money is beyond me. 4. You need good ping. If you odnt have insane guild, if you are poor and if you dont want to upgrade items to +15 trough Pay2Win way in website you have to farm Chaos Castle. And if you have some decent items, good ping 10-30 ms, you can try to compete in Chaos Castle. That will take time and tuning and don't be wrong those who come with pay2win items mostly will destroy you anyway 😄
  8. server uze otkrylas ? U menia nepkazut v lounchere ? [03/14/2023] - New server - Avalon x50
  9. bulshiet just go to Arkani you can see 150 afk bots auto looting jewels and i see them for long as i am plying in this server. It would be fair to set auto loot to everyone so people could compete with bots
  10. crue1987


    good i support Berluti 🙂 i can PK bots in Arkania only my char is weak :Ū
  11. Мои опасения: 1. Сколько окон мы можем загрузить? это все еще безлимит? 2. Удалите или уменьшите количество бон, необходимое для изменения характеристик - это обязательная функция, которая заставляет тратить дополнительно 400 бон каждый месяц или заставляет иметь 2 одинаковых персонажа и продолжать менять снаряжение. Это просто плохой дизайн, который нужно изменить. 3. Рандомизируйте время возрождения монстров-боссов. Я играю здесь 1,5 месяца 24/7, и я не видел некоторых боссов, потому что время появления установлено, и люди просто делают таблицы, чтобы убить их на компакт-диске, это плохо. То же самое для VIP-зоны, где люди разбивают лагерь настолько плохо, что используют навыки перед спауном, и да, если вы не выполняете квест 101 rr 380, вы даже не можете попытаться что-то получить. 4. Уменьшить время телепортации Темного Лорда, потому что люди используют много мультиперсонажей для фарма низких областей, и в целом после того, как их убивают, у них остается только 1 DL в месте сохранения, и они могут спамить телепортом, чтобы вернуться в одно мгновение. 1. Они не получают наказания. за проигрыш в пвп 2. Они используют эту механику для достижения таких целей, как кемпинг босса, сохранение золота для тпс и так далее. Я смотрю стримы и вижу, как эта механика влияет на осады замков. DL могут просто спамить телепортом и удерживать свою команду на позициях, не получая наказания, если игроки их команды плохо играют.
  12. just try harder it took me 8 atempts
  13. Pogies. My concerns: 1. How many windows we can load ? is it still unlimited ? 2. Remove or reduce amount of Bon required for stats change - its a mandatory feature which forces to spend 400 bon extra each month or it forces to have 2 same characters and keep swaping gear. Its just a bad design which needs to be changed. 3. Randomize Boss monster respawn times i play here 1.5 month 24/7 and i haven't seen some bosses because spawn times is set and people just make spread sheets to kill them on CD its kind of bad. Same for Vip area people camp it so bad they use skills before spawn and yes if you are not 101 rr 380 quest you cant even have a fair attempt to get something. 4. Reduce Dark Lord Teleport time, because people use a lot multi characters to farm low areas and in general after they get kiled they just have 1 DL in save spot and can spam teleport to return in an instant 1. They do not get punished for loosing in pvp 2. They exploit this mechanic to achieve goals like boss camping, saving gold for tps and so on. I watch streams and i see how this mechanic is affecting castle sieges DL can just spam teleport and keep their team up in positions without getting punished if their team players make bad plays.
  14. Nice. Limit window amount in new server personally i cant handle to see 50 0 rr VN darklords farming boxes 24/7 in Arkasia. And forbid account sharing its discussing than people can login top accounts and dominate all content, those people should play for them selves and not to be just an viable tool to mock others around.
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