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  1. video 1 of the first issue he said that when a monster in cc explodes, he won't be able to use any skins. (see the video the account owner posted and still kills normally) so that's hacking???? Video 2. start time is 13:00 - 01-00s. But look at the char elf that has stopped for 1 second compared to the starting time. 1 sm staff fo pvp +15. shield +13. full set bon 44 +15 rings 16% mana + 1 cq ring. You think char sm can't kill char elf in 1 combo
  2. my id : rita99 sever x50 Avalon at 5:51 am on April 19, 2023 i was stolen 800 bons sever and a saber alantis sword +11 hope admin can solve it for me
  3. rita99

    lost item

    @Ivan Nebraska helo admin
  4. rita99

    lost item

    iD: rita99 character name: Arthur x50 At 11:18p on 03/04/2023 I bought 1 imperial scepter in the market for 1150 bon and 1 lucky pill for 127b. But around 11:30 a.m. I logged into my account and didn't see the above item anywhere. Please help me check. I will bear the % loss given by admin, thank you admin
  5. my id : rita99 Account locked for unknown reason? i hope admin solve it for me
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