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  1. Added more screenshots. Now it's another offense 😄 More and more offense each day from him. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1983316276 24:04 1:33:10 1:36:02
  2. Added more screenshots on a different day 🙂 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jjtpziXcZU_Mdx8k_aShVPKOS2A5PmIG?usp=sharing @Ivan Nebraska @cerebrum @R.A.S.K.A
  3. 1. Zombie 2. Avalon 3. 4.8 + 4.18 + 4.25 + Pretending to be someone else to ask items 4. Zeth / Ninfa / Oaet / Maldito / Cocomelon / Ninfa / InJokeeer / -MADARA- and some other characters (All same people you can confirm with ip address) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jjtpziXcZU_Mdx8k_aShVPKOS2A5PmIG?usp=sharing - All screenshots of his toxicity uploaded here, and the screenshot of him pretending to be someone else to get items from other people. It was confirmed by Sir Ivan Nebraska that it's him, also included screenshot of that. This guy should be permanently banned from the server. He uses multiple accounts to pretend he is selling items that he doesn't even have at times as well and try to scam people. On the screenshots provided, although it's in tagalog/filipino, let me translate what he said: "Bakla" means - faggot "report ng report wala naman ebidensya" means - He told me I am making report without evidence so I told him I have the evidence from Admin himself that it's him. "Report lang naman kaya mo" means - report is the only thing you can do "bakla ka talaga" means - you really are a faggot "suntukan nalang" means - let's have a fist fight in person instead "tandaan mo wala akong paki pag na ban to, libangan ko lang to, nangaasar lang ako ng mga tao dito" means - I don't have any care if I get banned, this is just my past time, to mess with people here in this game. "amputa" means - this is shortened "anak ng puta" here in the Philippines which means son of a b*tch "boang ka zombie" means - you are a retard zombie "yung cheater lang mababan ina mo" means - only cheaters get banned here motherf*cker and so many more.... it's hard to translate everything but the screenshots says it all. I don't know what the penalty for someone trying to pretend to be someone else but I saw someone in a different report got IP banned because of it. 🙂 Thanks Admins.
  4. You've been killing newbies. Talk trash about them (as can be seen in the post you're taunting them as well by calling them npc players and what not), then you make reports about them in forums? What makes you different? It should be you who gets banned here and not them. As per checking forums, you've made multiple posts about several players getting mad at you. All wouldn't be like that if you've done nothing wrong man. 🙂
  5. Don't worry. If @BeL4eNaK tells you're not cheating here then I will quit the game for you. 🙂 Admins please check no cast but damaging. This can't be just "ice" skill as that skill can't be as fast as that.
  6. I hope the Admins won't give us an answer that is: It's ping difference. :)) Admins, for your information, IMO-Slayer is a Vietnamese who lives in the Philippines. In Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines to be exact. So we live in the same country. This is my ping with exitlag:
  7. 1: My character : Zombie 2: Sever : Avalon 3: Rule : 2.2 4. IMO-Slayer Please check 00:51 he used teleport skill and appeared at 00:53 he didn't cast anything especially you can still see his teleport effects just appearing but I receive tons of damage from him. You can also watch the whole video and you will see sudden change in attack speed from him:
  8. 3rd day of them trying to provoke 😄
  9. Dear Admins, would it be possible to hold castle siege on a Saturday instead of Sunday? Here are my key points: 1. All of the major events are being held at a favourable time to players from European countries, which is actually okay and understandable given the developers are from Latvia. But this time, let me respectfully single out castle siege as this is the most important event every week. 2. A huge percentage of players are coming from Southeast Asia, mainly Vietnam and Philippines. With the current DST following Latvian time, Castle Siege time in the Philippines is 12 midnight and 11pm in Vietnam, which is already very late especially if most of us have work the following day (Monday). Therefore, it is without a doubt, that a lot of players, as much as they want to play in castle siege, they can't. 3. Making it a Saturday on the other hand, allows everyone to freely participate in the said event given the following day would be a Sunday and therefore, a universal day-off at work. Regardless of how late it is for Southeast Asian time, we wouldn't mind because there's no work the following day so we can feel at ease to sleep late. If it's not too much of a hassle, appreciate if you can consider this suggestion so the servers can have a more challenging castle siege where players from different parts of the world can join regardless of the time. Thank you so much!
  10. Continues to insult you? Hahaha. Clown. xD
  11. And for the record, I'm the one who got scammed. So why would I get banned for 4.18? xD Did DenzM got scammed? He bought the items from you or reload without a hassle right? Although you guys pretended it was me and I lost all my items back then? So what's the point here? Have you ever seen me scam anyone to rule out I'm a scammer? I think it's the other way around. I'm giving people items, that's the exact opposite of scamming you dumbfuck. You really are a total idiot who destroys the server IMO-Slayer hahahahahaha. Stop defending yourself and we all know how toxic and irrelevant you are. You should be the one banned and not NoobDW. Twisting the story so that the blame wouldn't be pointed at you when everything became obvious the moment we saw GT-R character on your guild.
  12. Once again, changing the topic by idiots twisting the story over and over. Oh, I wonder why your full guild is in the liveguard list and asking Admin to remove it? Haha. Oh and by the way, one of your members confirmed BabyShark own GT-R. So does it mean you are in connivance with the scammer Reload? Because when me and reload is talking about my set when I'm asking him to return it, he said he doesn't own GT-R and BabyShark owns it. Now since GT-R owns BabyShark, while Reload have access to my Discord. Does it mean you guys are twisting the story because you both benefitted from it? 🙂 Attachments are proof. Now, I have valid proof and I'm the one who lost the items. So what are you guys crying about? Twisting the story so it won't look like you connived with the scammer? Now it's being more clear. So BabyShark, Jayson and HaiPhong, how much did you receive from all that Reload scammed? xD IMOx members: Reload is GT-R Reload: BabyShark is GT-R after a few days: GT-R is in IMOx and Mandara2 told me BabyShark gave him access to GT-R. Now who's telling the truth here? Not only you guys are cheaters, you guys are scammers also. You are still alive but your souls are already burning in hell idiots.
  13. Another day, another one from their guild. Calling me a scammer like as if I scammed anyone. Haha. You guys are being so desperate trying to put our guild down. xD
  14. You guys can't play without cheats you mean? There has never been a case where a player experience any lag using liveguard as it does not cause any lags at all. NoobBK, NoobDW and the rest live and breathe with it without hearing any lag complains. So, enough with the bullshit lies. The new liveguard has automatic detection system and it places your account to liveguard list automatically if it detects suspicious activity. 🙂 Also, how ironic when your guild are the ones massively reporting and accusing someone from cheating where you are the ones cheating. Here in the Philippines, we have a proverb saying: "Galit ang magnanakaw sa kapwa magnanakaw". Meaning, "A thief hates his own kind", which we can relate to cheating. That's why you guys kept on blabbering nonsense about other people cheating when in fact, you guys are the ones using it. One of your friend "-Homiez-" got banned already for it. I'm just waiting for the time wherein you guys are next. So, I am assuming you guys are going to cause another drama on Discord market and pretend that you guys will quit the server just so Admins adhere to your request? Oscar winner drama kings! Wait, all I can see are IMOx posting the exact same thing: It seems your whole gang is posting the same exact posts here for your accounts getting added to liveguard. Copy and paste all you can. That's what you get for being toxic trying your best to rule the server even if it means destroying it. Also, why is it that you can't win against pallach lately on BA after getting listed on liveguard? What's the sudden change in your fire-power? Hahaha. It's too obvious now. Only cheats make you strong in game but you guys don't even have the actual talent to play!
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