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  1. Its just good bussines plan to keep money coming in 🙂 Bless only one kind of MU server and we will newer get something like this so i fully support this way.
  2. 1. Мой ник: CUli 2. Игровой сервер: jade 3. Какой пункт ошибка нарушена: 4.3 4. Ник нарушителя: RafCoffe 5.
  3. Я предлагаю добавить время восстановления к телепортации SM. Это слишком сильная способность, и этот класс может использовать полный древний сет без наказания.
  4. vopshe cheloviek sashla c uma pamagidie emu kto ta.
  5. Sabiraiu anc adamtine kak top dl on zhe Kordl chem problema bochaj nebudu igrati. Pomnitie druzja 10fps skora siuda buditi to nachinaitie plakati gromchyie eto vam ne full bochka nash budiet jiebashiet.
  6. Hi, i am Culi. Yes i did spam qw. Everyone know its in game bug and everyone use, i dear you to check any top player logs. F10 + spam = heal faster. Question is why its not fixed yet and while its not fixed by devs its in game isue wich can be abused by anyone who can pres f7 and f10. Sorry for being dumb and chating. Thanks. Troy can ave fun now i gues and wont need ask half of bless help to fight us. BEY - IT WAS FUN NO MATTER WHAT.
  7. to ja eto i paluchiu. Neznal vynovaty - nu kak zadal vopros ,,Malchik" tak i atvietil ,,MAMA". A ego mamu ja tam nika neaskarblial.
  8. 4.2 isdivanie is nika
  9. 4.2 isdivanie is nika, isdivanie is moja persa ,,gavna i plakami" nazyvaiut, nazyvaieti moj GM broileram, i skazhiesh sto u menia dieneg netu po pavadu ,,paprasi 200 bon"
  10. 1. Мой ник: -Culi- 2. Игровой сервер: x10 Jade 3. Какой пункт правил нарушен: 4.3. 4. Ник нарушителя: -Crystal- https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-Crystal-&serv=server1 5.
  11. 1. Мой ник: -Culi- 2. Игровой сервер: x10 Jade 3. Какой пункт правил нарушен: 4.3. 4. Ник нарушителя: -IKS -https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-Iks-&serv=server1
  12. 1. Мой ник: -Culi- 2. Игровой сервер: x10 Jade 3. Какой пункт правил нарушен: 4.3. 4. Ник нарушителя: -XpycT- https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-XpycT-&serv=server1 5. Доказательство
  13. 1. Мой ник: -Culi- 2. Игровой сервер: x10 Jade 3. Какой пункт правил нарушен: 4.1 4. Ник нарушителя: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Reyzer&serv=server1 4. Ник нарушителя: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Motaro&serv=server1
  14. MU is old game and Mu bless is best project i played but in last few years i can see massive decline in people and how much faster servers dey (we basicaly have 4 dead servers now including vegas-watching aliancer every sunday btw). VIP - VIP is the least of the pay-to-win problems, but it should not be mandatory to play. In my opinion, VIP should provide: invisibility, 25% XP (which would be a massive pay-to-win advantage since more resets make you stronger in general, and the XP bonus provides exactly that), access to VIP arena, more stash space, and access to the stadium. (NO 10% stats boost, as it is very bad for the game.) Remove paid power buff or cap it at a maximum of 177, which can be reached normally through hard work - Overcapping it is a very bad design. There must be a limit on active characters - I guess it's impossible to stop VPNs. Tax on selling bonuses is a super predatory sink from the administration and shouldn’t exist - We pay tax money in real life for buying bonuses, and we double on it in the game. We lose bonuses so that the server has fewer of them, allowing admins to profit more. Limit lottery tickets per day or per week - So people with fat wallets don’t kill servers like what happened with Vegas. The new server was dead in a matter of weeks, and now it’s dying at an exponential rate. More debuff on CS - People might argue, but why punish strong people? Some people have been playing for decades and join the strongest guilds, leaving no chance for any fair competition. If they weren’t so cowardly, they would lead or split into different guilds, but no, they want to dominate at any cost. This makes other people feel miserable, leading to them leaving the servers. Meanwhile, the economy dies, and even more players leave the game. In the end, the admin loses more money than they could have made from those who had an interest in playing but left because they couldn’t kill a single mob without being destroyed by pay-to-win 24/7 campers. Dinamic boss/shard/violet/ Ancient item drop mob respawn. Mobs mentioned before must have time interval except and only except BA mobs which is ok to be announced when it spawns. And all VIP arena mobs should have +- 30 min respawn timers so people wouldnt farm them on spawn and biger mobs such as condor shard mobs can have announcment that it was killed so people would have aproximate time idea when it will spawn so they could start running around and pvp for it. T here is certainly much more we all know, and the server needs to change its point of view if it wants to survive. We need new players, and I think we all agree on that. With the current model, that is not going to happen.
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