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  1. Esle fermi ot obichnih igrokov otlichajut mnogo chasov i malo resov, nelzja eto kak to automatizirovatj ? Esle chasov 500-700, resov 5-7, to eto autoban ? Kak raz 2 parametra katorie otlichajut fermi ot igrakov. Na mega tak zhe estj eta problema. Eto hotjabi otseet 5-10 resovih persov. Esle ti ne ferma, netu povoda nabiratj igravije chasi no pri etom imetj 5-10 resov.
  2. Hello, 2-3 weeks those DL's were actively farming chaoses...3-4 chars per spot. Have no idea what has changed recently, but hope they will not leave SZ of tarkan anymore...all spots were taken by them. I had to level up from 140 lvl - 180...it was a lot of fighting with them.
  3. Good day, Would like to ask is there anything I can do about following issue : Due to problematic internet at my current location, game reconnects from time to time, and once connected back, game client shuts down. Few months ago it was just reconnecting without client closing. Also, once I join BC, I have 2-3 immediate game client shut downs. Anything I can do here ? Thanks.
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