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  1. sry i forgot to quote so u get notified 😄
  2. you are right, let me get it @ :
  3. hello Bless MU team. I am VivaIL From vegas server. i encountered a highly offensive player and took picture from the pms i got. i hope this is the correct forum to publish it image attached for proof. offensive player name : Egoiste his trigger was : I picked a jewel in DS6 and he tried to pick it too so he removed me from party and started to write
  4. I am new only 19 rr, i was going to check bless Arena, it said 5kk to enter, then i walked all the way through until i got to the helper, pressed him he sent me back to arkania but now i have no money for reset. i farmed zen all day now i have 20 kk and i have 110 it swallowed my money Edit: my ingame name is VivaIL
  5. Hello, Ive noticed you guys show on the website there is a simplified reset level system that ppl with fewer resets can reset in earlier levels. meaning as it is for now, if i have 0 reset i need to be level 387 to reset. but in practice it doesnt let me (or anyone) reset according to the simplified table you provided on the site. letting you know, Thanks !
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