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  1. Rayq

    Master / IIXMQ / 4.18

    i use another comentary for the same (maximum zizze in total is 8mb in topic and 5mb in comentary)
  2. Rayq

    Master / IIXMQ / 4.18

    More captures here, becouse i can put only 8mb in topic or last comentary:
  3. Rayq

    Master / IIXMQ / 4.18

    and 4.3 He said to me that im thief in one capture other captures in comentary becouse i used more than 8mb (limit)
  4. 1) Rayq 2) Master 3) 4.18. Malicious sabotage of the interests of the server and its players.Explanation: You purposely and regularly provoke other players to violate rules of the server, and then create reports about them in prison, in order to ban them.Note: This rule will be applied as a last resort if requests to moderate their steam will not be heard. For the first time warning will be issued, then followed by punishment with all severity. To make a topic on this rule, proof of multiple violations of our rules should be provided.Explanation 2: You scam other players, make deals with them out of contractual and warranty deals legal field.Note 2: For the first time warning will be issued, then followed by punishment with all severity.Explanation 3: You purposely and regularly provoke, insult, humiliate other players, creating unfriendly atmosphere on the server. 4.3 too becouse im not thief 4) IIXMQ | Information | MU Bless Online 5) Screenshots: (attached) 6) Link to the forum where he is purposely and regularly provoking other players to violate the rules of the server and then creates reports about them in prison, in order to ban them: Master / Rayq / 4.3 - Тюрьма - Bless Gaming Forums master / 6abolda / 4.15 - Тюрьма - Bless Gaming Forums (Explain: i bought thatelf with 7 reset with that kicnname, he know becouse is an older player) 7) Other comments: Unfortunately I don't have screenshots or videos of every day, I did attach the oldest capture of the day where I took a chaos jewel from the ground, and it was then from there that he spent it following me through all the maps and/or killing all 5 characters, (this so you know how long he did it), even in his MG YellowHat you can see the 22 deaths, which were only me. And luckily for him I didn't take more catches every day but he did every day more than 3 times. 😎 Other characters used for killme or take experience: johnwick3 | Information | MU Bless Online YellowHat | Information | MU Bless Online belobrisik | Information | MU Bless Online Blackhat | Information | MU Bless Online 9) i have to put more screenshots on comentaries, becouse the maximum zize is 8mb
  5. hi, where in web or chaos machine or where? haha
  6. Rayq | Information | MU Bless Online
  7. My ban finished , but i cant join
  8. Hello the same, i look the image but i don't understund what happen... the player hunt my 5 characters for 2 weeks, becouse he said that i pick one chaos from him on the floor, but i get banned ,, but i don't understund why...
  9. the player "IIXMQ" is using speed hack, he cross the maps in a middle second: https://1drv.ms/i/c/b7724be3911badbf/Ed7OQpflWMdPuzNRL7JAW0kBWMqjm9luNsiq9yWVUnvu0g?e=q45yxu (was in blood casttle at 8:30 today)
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