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  1. Hello! im new in the server. Im argentinian person i speak Spanish Language, andim good like to lear english. I have a big problem Becouse i bought a character last days ago with the name 6abolda. The problem is that my account was banned for that Reason (Link to the ban explain) ---> master / 6abolda / 4.15 - Тюрьма - Bless Gaming Forums In my country it means nothing, becouse i don't speak other language than spanish. The second problem is that the character was bought in "Characters market" with bonuses, I didn't put that name to the character, i only buy the charactar and play normally... Maybe Third problem is that notis "Gabolda" is 6abold (number six) not is necesary to mean a bad word? could you excuse me and get a solution??? maybe change the name of the bought character for another? and unlock the ban?? Im a good player, help me please.... what is the solution?
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