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Found 30 results

  1. Уважаемая администрация В настоящее время на сервере существует большая проблема: ошеломление, десинхронизация, ошибка, сбой или как вы хотите называть эту чушь, в дальнейшем я исправлю эту проблему как «Десинхронизация». Предположительно, было обновление клиента, которое должно «исправить» проблему, но я не уверен. И эта проблема «десинхронизации» создает очень неприятные ощущения, когда вы играете против кого-то, кто сознательно или неосознанно использует эту чушь. Для контекста: я играл против конкурирующей гильдии на Bless Arena, и после того, как он отправил сообщение о прекращении использования «Десинхронизации» (член моей гильдии даже не знал, что и как он использует эту «Десинхронизацию», он просто убежал). от БК, который пытался его убить). После проблемы я позвонил по поводу разногласий с конкурирующим членом гильдии, и он показал мне видео, как он летал по всей карте, поэтому после увиденного видео я начал проверять себя, в чем может быть проблема. Проблема, вызывающая эту проблему, заключается в том, что если вы нажимаете или удерживаете левую кнопку мыши в самом дальнем месте на карте, где разрешено щелкнуть, в то время как БК использует свой навык «Циклон, Падающий удар, Апперкот». Для MG и BK другая проблема. Когда вы используете навык «Спиральный удар» и после щелчка для перемещения назад он начинает «десинхронизироваться», что иногда делает невозможным нацеливание на MG и BK. Вот несколько примеров видео: Video 1 2 % 3 ELF : Вид из БК с использованием навыка «Апперкот» Вид от третьего лица Вид с Эльфа Используем навык «Апперкот» и щелкаем мышью назад Используйте навык «Спиральный удар» и щелкайте мышью назад Вместо добавления бесполезных щитов и «Excellent Ancient» предметов низкого качества, которые никто ими не использует, я очень надеюсь, что проблема с «Десинхронизацией» не будет проигнорирована и ей будет уделено больше внимания, чтобы ее можно было решить. Спасибо за внимание! @BeL4eNaK @Ivan Nebraska P.S Used google translate, so if there is any issues with funny or not understandable translation, don't blame me as I can't write in Russian letters.
  2. thaiq


    1. GSM5122. Vegas3. 4.94. Beelzebub
  3. 1) Server Vegas2) Your nickname HangLee 3) What exactly are you selling :Nightbringer Bow4) What exactly are you getting from the other party : RECEIVE 1500 web bon 5) Nick of the second party :Verse 6) How the deal will be done (the second party should agree to this point and just write - agree) He will transfer 1500 web bon first and then i give him the password for sale.7) Confirmation, that you fully read the rules of contractual deals and are aware of the risks. The second person might not fulfill his part of a deal and you will lose everything. Risks understood, lets make a deal
  4. 1. My nickname: MrsLiu2. Game server: Mega x1003. Which rule clause was violated: 4.6 (he insulted my honor, "b1tch = bitch"4. Nickname of the offender: Karven https://mu.bless.gs/vn/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Karven&serv=server65. Proof: (screenshot)
  5. X10 Jade name Char : Save Account: xgiang1 He said he bought my character, then wanted me to lend my account to watch, and he stole my character named Save and 276 bonuses
  6. 1. X10 Jade char Save acc: xgiang1 he offered to buy my character, then wanted me to show him the character, and he took my character named Save and 276 bon
  7. Hello I am -Atula- at server x50 avalon. I created this topic to hope the board will treat me and all players in the mu bless community fairly. I don't understand why you banned my account in an unreasonable and very confusing way. an account I have invested a lot of enthusiasm and value in. I don't understand why players accused me of cheating in the game without any video proving it. Talking about a video where players denounced me on the forum. I would like to present and explain this incident as follows: When I participated in the CS match on January 7, 2024. During the process, my teammates and I broke through the city gate under the command of Guid owner IMOX Saric and his friends Guid Mu4life. I encountered an issue where I lost game connection when I reached the city gate. My screen doesn't have a single connection to the game so the admin can check the connection history and a large number of players in the discord can prove it to me. When I reopen the game, my character appears in a disconnected position. That's my explanation in the 52nd to 58th second image in the image. All my friends in the guild witnessed it at that moment. And I would like to confirm that the problem that the game brought me, if I find anything related to speed hacking in the pvp log, I would like the administrator to delete my account completely on all of our servers mu.bless.gs. Sincerely thank you
  8. kingowen19


    Server AVALON CHARACTER NAME NooBody AKA Ivankiller Suggestion: requesting bless universe administrator to expedite the plan for merging the server avalon to other server. i would like to call on the attention of all avalon players to participate in this forum and showcase your sentiments or opinion about the sudden decrease of numbers of active players in this server which leads the other players to quit or to move to the newly created server of bless universe that gives a negative impact particularly on the major events where majority of the players has no longer interested to play those events and as a chain reaction market and trading activities in the server are also getting weak, the numbers of recipes like jewel, zen and most of all bons are no longer enough to support the needs of the players. This server needs more active players and lively coemption and we can only achieve that status again if we are going to merge other active players into one server. hence, i would like also to reiterate the essence of this forum to call on the attention not only the players of this server but also the admins concerns to seat in to this issue as soon as possible to mitigate the possibilities of losing more active players..... Thank you....
  9. sever : jade x10 i lost my character, wrong delete character name : GiamDoc sever time : 18:05:00 date November 18 Please help me restore my character Tks admin ! delete.mp4
  10. x10 Jade name char: Michael acc: boylcc77 @Ivan Nebraska @BeL4eNaK Why am I banned?
  11. X10 jade acc: boylcc77 name char: Michael I just bought an account, why am I locked?
  12. my name's: shinichi account name: gogeta992 sever: Jade i make this topic about My account was locked on November 9, 2023. I hope the board will investigate and let me know the reason. thank you.
  13. 1. My nickname: Babyshark 2. Server X50 Hello admin, may I ask why I was added to the liveguard list? While I don't see any accusations about me on the forum. When using liveguard, it is extremely laggy and constantly loses connection. I need explanations and supports regarding this issues Thanks
  14. ACCOUNT NAME: kingowen46 ACCOUNT CHARACTER: LORDNOBODY reset 8 only i cant access my account, actually i only used this for keeping staff and crafting items at goblin, i dont even open this time to time, but unfortunately this night 24/102023 i tried to open it but i can no longer have the access to the said account, please help me restore it, i have some important items there, and if necessary' to review feel free to review the log i am confident that my account is clean for any untoward activities. thank you
  15. Account: trungngo Server: x100 Mega Character: llGunnerll My character got banned on 22.7 then unbanned on 30.8 with reason have cheat logs. My account also have been in Liveguard on 15.8 Since my account unblocked on 30.8, I'm the only one playing this account. I didn't shared my account for anyone On 24.10, I got blocked with reason: Cheats or modified client was launched. Please help to check, if there is evidence that I have launched cheats or modified clients from 30/8 to now, I will accept being banned. I've been logging in 3 accounts (all are on the Liveguard list) on my PC at the same time, but only my account trungngo was banned Thank you
  16. Hi admins, just wanted to ask why my account was blocked all of a sudden. username: titxinh, server: avalon x50. I didn't do anything against the rules and just playing normally and just noticed my account is now blocked and I can't play. please help!
  17. Hi, is this ELF's name allowed ? Thanks!
  18. id: huymc Char: XxAresxX I'm a new player, I know mubles when I follow JayB G Channal's stream. I bought char : XxAresxX recently I didn't know the law against buying and selling with Money until it was banned. Apologies to ADM, Sorry Beasty, This is my first time playing MUBless. I hope ADM forgives Thanks you
  19. legatas

    Lost Item

    1. Char: Garenn Account: mano1990 Server: Avalon Main Place: Arkania NPC: Jerridon Harmony removal 2. obtained by game 3. 2023.06.22 18:25:10 server time 4. After not able remove to inventor client closes automatic 5. Screen Shot in moment of lag 6. NO 7. NO
  20. I'm new to the game and don't know what I did to get stuck in jail for 7 days. I'm a newbie so I don't fully understand the rules of the game. Can you forgive me this time? Please release me so I can go back to playing the game ! if not that is really a bad thing for me?
  21. hello ivan and the game management Mu Bless. I am a pinpekon sever x50 account holder. Currently my account is being locked for some reason that I don't know, when I checked on the web, it was locked for 300 days. so i want to ask ivan and the game management. What game rules did I go wrong and how can I fix this problem. I hope to reply as soon as possible thank you!
  22. good morning @Ivan Nebraska, allow me to introduce myself, I AM KING OWEN AMAD, from Philippines, owner and player of only one account at AVALON SERVER, account name kingowen46, on that account i have 2 characters, namely LORDNOBODY (Blade Knight) and NOB1 also a Blade KNIGHT character, all are low level or low reset characters, i started playing for almost 2weeks and it ends up right after i was band mistakenly of one of your staff, for your information admin @Ivan Nebraska i am not an IT expert nor neither any related professions who has the ability to do that kind of allegation such as cheating or any form of hacking and scamming activities, since day one i stablished friendship among other players, and i did not impute or used any vulgar words that can offend other players, actually i enjoyed playing on your server considering that this game is my adulthood game since 2005, i discover your server through my friend's recommendation, despite of my negative experience on your server that i was block without out my knowledge about my violations i still have the appetite to recover my account since i have few friends there who believes CHEATING is not my Forty and i made this appeal to clear my name from your allegation and seeking further an evidence and explanation why is that merely playing all most 2 weeks of hardworking on your server to achieve the full potential of my character is a CHEATING ACTIVITY ALREADY, I am BLINDED by your rules and regulation and i dont know what to think why i am block from playing and on that reason i want to make this appeal and praying for the falling queries to be answered, to wit: 1. show me the evidence that i am CHEATING, so i can express my side before banning me, 2. i want to clear myself from the allegation and imposing band from my account due to CHEATING, and 3. if i prove that i am innocent, i want you to remove the ban from my account without any further penalties imposed. HOPING FOR YOUR KIND AND CONSIDERATION ADMINISTRATOR @Ivan Nebraska
  23. why block account? i'm train then di out account: 12300 1238 1239 01231 01232 01233 01238 01239
  24. My id : mtri111 Get band with reason cheat. But its a mistake from me, when server open 23 March, im traveling and rent a person i know in old server to leveling my character, in his computer have cheat and that a reason why antilag auto band my character. when i get band my character just 100 level and 0 reset. I dont have a reason to use cheat in this case, but i have mistake to rent a wrong person to leveling up my character in the begin start of server because i get busy. I have explain all with Ivan in discord, he check my ip when i comeback home after travel, but i dont know why he dont answer me to solve that problem. I know its my mistake to give access account for wrong person. i play a lot of server before. Never get band from cheat. I hope @Ivan Nebraska @BeL4eNaK and your team can let me pay fines for get unband one time. My character : FoxKiller , top 5 refferal in server x50, i invite a lot of player come to this server, i dont have a reason to use cheat in any case. Thank for read
  25. My account : mtri111 i dont know why i get band. Pls check and answer me
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