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Ivan Nebraska

Drop Info, Bosses, Events and Other - New

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Star of Sacred Birth
Item Level:
+5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13
Armors: Aschcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Black Dragon, Gran Soul, Divine, Dark Steel, Storm Crow, Valiant Dark Phoenix, Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, Thunder Hawk, Glorious, Dark Master
Shields: Chaos Dragon, Grand Soul
Weapons: Sword of Destruction, Staff of Destruction, Saint Crossbow, Great Scepter, Rune Blade, Dragon Spear, Thunder Blade, Grand Soul Staff, Celestial Bow, Dark Breaker, Dark Reign Blade, Lord Scepter
Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos
Special: Violet Mistery Box, Navy Candy Box, Crystal of Destruction, Crystal of Multishot, Crystal of Recovery, Crystal of Flame Strike, Scroll of Wizardry Enhance, Scroll of Gigantic Storm, Scroll of Firescream

Box of Luck
Lorencia, Noria, Devias
Monster: Golden Budge Dragon / Scorpion
Drop: Boxes of Kundun +1 +2 +3 +4 +5, Zen

Box of Kundun +1
Skull Staff, Serpent Staff, Serpent Sword, Blade, Kriss, Apprentice Wand, Tiger Bow
Shields: Small, Horn, Kite, Large Round
Armors: Pad, Leather, Bronze, Vine, Silk
Special: Box of Kundun +2

Box of Kundun +2
Gorgon Staff, Heliacal Sword, Bill of Balrog, Silver Bow, Yearning Wand
Shields: Buckler, Plate, Spiked, Elven
Armors: Bone, Scale, Brass, Wind
Special: Box of Kundun +3

Box of Kundun +3
Legendary Staff, Crystal Sword, Dragon Spear, Bluewing Crossbow, Battle Scetper
Shields: Skull, Dragon Slayer, Tower
Armors: Sphinx, Plate, Spirit, Light Plate
Special: Box of Kundun +4

Box of Kundun +4
Staff of Ressurection, Double Blade, Dark Breaker, Celestial Bow, Saint Crossbow, Thunder Blade, Master Scepter, Elemental Wand
Shields: Serpent
Armors: Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, Storm Crow, Adamantine
Special: Box of Kundun +5

Box of Kundun +5
Grand Soul Staff, Staff of Destruction, Lighting Sword, Daybreak, Great Reign Crossbow, Rune Blade, Lord Scepter, Crystal Dagger
Shields: Bronze, Legendary
Armors: Eclipse, Ashcrow, Iris, Valiant, Dark Steel
Special: Ring of Magic, Pendant of Ability, Pink Mistery Box

Death King
Drop: Pink Mistery Box
Weapons: Kundun Staff, Sword of Destruction, Arrow Viper Bow, Dark Reign Blade, Great Lord Scepter, Beuroba, Iris Dagger, Frost Wand
Shields: Chaos Dragon, Grand Soul, Elemental
Armors: Grand Soul, Black Dragon, Dark Phoenix, Divine, Thunder Hawk, Glorious
Special: Green Ribbon Box

Lord of Kundun
: Kalima 7, Silent Grounds, Land of Trials, Dungeon
Respawn Time: 25h
Drop: Death King Drop
Special Drop: Ancient Items Grades A B C

Great Dragon
Green Ribbon Box


Great Dragon Helm 
Great Dragon Armor
Great Dragon Pants
Great Dragon Boots
Great Dragon Gloves

Dark Soul Helm 
Dark Soul Armor
Dark Soul Pants
Dark Soul Boots
Dark Soul Gloves

Red Spirit Helm 
Red Spirit Armor
Red Spirit Pants
Red Spirit Boots
Red Spirit Gloves

Hurricane Armor
Hurricane Pants
Hurricane Boots
Hurricane Gloves

Dark Master Helm 
Dark Master Armor
Dark Master Pants
Dark Master Boots
Dark Master Gloves

Platina Wing Staff
Knight Blade
Albatross Bow
Sword of Dancer
Shining Scepter

Spectral Barrier
Infernal Steel Shield
Phantom Shield
Spectral Barrier
Royal Protector

Azure Staff
Sword of Betrayal
Hero's Greatsword
Greatstaff of Magicka

Iris Dagger
Cursed Dagger
Rune Dagger

Devilwood Branch

Blue Ribbon Box

Dark Elf
: Crywolf Event
Drop: Great Dragon Drop

: Kanturu Event every 24h
Drop: Great Dragon Drop
Special: Nightmare's Bane, Bane of Agony

: Bless Arena
Drop: Blue Ribbon Box


Dragon Knight Helm 
Dragon Knight Armor
Dragon Knight Pants
Dragon Knight Boots
Dragon Knight Gloves

Venom Mist Helm 
Venom Mist Armor
Venom Mist Pants
Venom Mist Boots
Venom Mist Gloves

Sylpid Ray Helm 
Sylpid Ray Armor
Sylpid Ray Pants
Sylpid Ray Boots
Sylpid Ray Gloves

Sunlight Helm 
Sunlight Armor
Sunlight Pants
Sunlight Boots
Sunlight Gloves

Volcano Armor
Volcano Pants
Volcano Gloves
Volcano Boots

Titan Helm 
Titan Armor
Titan Pants
Titan Boots
Titan Gloves

Destroy Armor
Destroy Pants
Destroy Boots
Destroy Gloves

Faith Helm 
Faith Armor
Faith Pants
Faith Boots
Faith Gloves

Bone Blade
Grand Viper Staff
Sylph Wind Bow
Solay Scepter
Blade of Explosion

Sword Bracker
Absolute Scepter
Air Lyn Bow
Deadly Staff

Mithril Shiv
Vowed Dagger

Totem Dragon Wand

Mythos Greatsword
Greatsword of Atlantis
Emerald Staff

Spectral Barrier
Infernal Steel Shield
Phantom Shield
Spectral Barrier
Royal Protector


Green Mistery Box

Green Mistery Box
Casle Lord Mix, Lords of BA Reward


Phantom Armor
Phantom Pants
Phantom Boots
Phantom Gloves

Paewang Helm 
Paewang Armor
Paewang Pants
Paewang Boots
Paewang Gloves

Hades Helm 
Hades Armor
Hades Pants
Hades Boots
Hades Gloves    

Brave Helm 
Brave Armor
Brave Pants
Brave Boots
Brave Gloves

Seraphim Helm 
Seraphim Armor
Seraphim Pants
Seraphim Boots
Seraphim Gloves

Imperial Staff
Imperial Sword
Stryker Scepter
Dark Stinger Bow

Night's Edge
Storm Breaker
Royal Scepter
Flaming Phoenix Bow
Staff of Darkness

Iris Shield
Minotaur's Shield
Duelist's Shield
Dark Legendary Shield
Golden Shield

Void Shield
Obsidian Shield
Shield of Betrayal
Shield of Atlantis
Noble Shield

Unicorn Shield
Duranium Shield
Azure Dragon Shield
Patrcician Shield

Minotaur's Blade
Crystal Staff
Dark Legendary Staff
Demon Blade
Ebony Blade
Glorious Scepter
Imperial Scepter

Wyvern's Bonespike

Wand of the Damned

Duranium Greatsword    
Azure Dragon Greatsword
Eternal Staff

Claymore of Dimitar
Greatsword of Atlantis
Dwemer Staff

Obsidian Blade
Sabe of Atlanis
Scepter of Atlantis
Demon Hunters Crossbow
Staff of Atlantis

Duranium Sword
Azure Dragon Blade
Wit of the King
Patrician Staff

: Crywolf Event
Drop: Only Weapons from Green Mistery Box

: Land of Trials, Bless Arena
Respawn Time: 25h
Special Drop: Excellent Elemental Rings and Pendants, Jewel of Ancient Harmony, Jewel of Luck

Maya Hand | Location: Kanturu Event every 24h | Drop: Gemstone

Zaikan | Location: Tarkan, Lorencia | Respawn Time: 6h | Drop: Loch's Feather, Chrest of Monarch

Phoenix of Darkness | Location: Icarus | Respawn Time: 3 min | Drop: Weapons of Archangel +Luck+Skill

Red Ribbonx Box: Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Chaos

Lilac Candy Box: Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Guardian, Gemstone, Box of Luck, Star of Sacred Birth, Violet Mistery Box, Zen

Navy Candy Box: Kundun Boxes +1 +2 +3

Orange Candy Box: All Kundun Boxes, Pink Mistery Box

Violet Mystery Box: All Kundun Boxes, Pink Mistery Box, Green Ribbon Box, Blue Ribbon Box, Green Mistery Box

Chaos Castle Victory
Pink Chocolate Box
Drop: Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Harmony, Moonstone Ring, Jewel of Ancient Harmony, Jewel of Life Bundle x10, Jewel of Luck, Violet Mistery Box, Flame of Condor.

Blood Castle Victory Prize: Red Chocolate Box
Drop: Jewel of Bless Bundle x10, Jewel of Soul Bundle x10, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Gemstone
Devil Square Victory Prize: Zen

Red Dragon Invasion Drop: Gemstone, Zen

Illusions of Kundun - Kalima
Kalima 1: Bof of Kundun +1 : Respawn 2 hours
Kalima 2: Bof of Kundun +2 : Respawn 4 hours
Kalima 3: Bof of Kundun +3 : Respawn 6 hours
Kalima 4: Bof of Kundun +4 : Respawn 8 hours
Kalima 5: Bof of Kundun +5 : Respawn 10 hours
Kalima 6: Pink Mistery Box : Respawn 13 hours

There is a small chance of Zen Drop instead of an item from any boss or box.


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2 hours ago, zaraznij said:

Green Ribbon Box, Blue Ribbon Box - DROP INFO PLEASE can't see here

Green Ribbon drops:

Weapons: Platina Wing Staff, Knight Blade, Albatross Bow, Sword of Dancer, Shining Scepter, Daikatana, Azure Staff, Sword of Betrayal, Frost Mace, Crystal Dagger, Iris Dagger, Hero's Greatsword, Greatstaff of Magicka, Bloodreaver
Armors: Dark Soul, Great Dragon, Red Spirit, Hurricane, Dark Master
Special: Blue Ribbon Box

Blue Ribbon drops:

Weapons: Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, Sylph Wind Bow, Solay Scepter, Blade of Explosion, Sword Bracker, Absolute Scepter, Air Lyn Bow, Deadly Staff, Cursed Dagger, Mythos Greatsword, Emerald Staff, Greatsword of Atlantis
Armors: Dragon Knight, Venom Mist, Sylphid Ray, Sunlight, Volcano, Titan, Faith, Destroy
Shield: Crimson Glory Shield, Salamander Shield, Frost Barrier, Guardian Shield, Cross Shield
Special: Excellent Arrows and Bolts, Green Mistery Box

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