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Origin x30 B>>CNB

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I want to buy(for bonuses, zen or jewels):

Ancient Drake Vine Set +11+Luck

Excellent Vine Helm +11+L+DD+MANA(+XX+XX)
Excellent Vine Armor +11+L+DD+MANA(+XX+XX)
Excellent Vine Gloves +11+L+DD+MANA(+XX+XX)
Excellent Vine Pants +11+L+DD+MANA(+XX+XX)
Excellent Vine Boots +11+L+DD+MANA(+XX+XX)

Ancient Talia Iris Helm
Ancient Talia Iris Armor
Ancient Talia Iris Pants

Excellent Iris Gloves +11+L+DD+MANA(+XX+XX)
Excellent Iris Boots +11+L+DD+MANA(+XX+XX)

Simple Chaos Nature Bow (a looooooot :D)

PM me here or in-game.
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