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3th class quest

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i need some help here. 

I am trying to make 3th class quest but items 

Feather of Phoenix of Dark quest piece drops only in Icarus by monster boss Dark Phoenix.

Flame of Death Beam Knight quest piece drop only in Tarkan 2 by monster boss Death Beam Knight.

Horn of Hell Maine quest piece drop only in Aida by monster boss Hell Maine.

doesn't drop from this monsters for 1 day i have 0. 

Is it normal to be so hard or there is a bug? 

Server King


Thanks in advance. 

Nick name in game Kadirov - SM 




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If its like that, this will make me quit this server cuz i dont like pay to win stuff. 

I still don't have even one of the items 🙂 but still trying. 

I give it a few more days and if not ... 


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im not against this pay stuff, but it doesnt have to be for quest and stuff.

Items and points doesn't matter with good playing you can manage, but if its for this kind of stuff its not ok. 


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On 11/28/2020 at 7:42 PM, doginar5 said:

i find all 9 quest items for one night 😕

Wow you're lucky.. i've been playing this server for more than afew months.. 50rr and no vip.....

So far I collect 1 hell maine... havent gotten anything since then.. feel like just dropping this hell maine item cause its been soooooo long and i give up

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