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[14.12.2020] - Easy start for new players

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Empire x500 server opened its doors almost two months ago, and if you missed the opening, now it is the perfect time to start playing and enter the Hall of Fame!

All new characters upon creation now receive a +25% experience buff for 7 days and 2000 additional stat points that will last you for the first 10 resets. Thanks to our simplified reset system, the first 50 resets can be done before level 400. The system is dynamic and every few days the level required for a reset will gradually decrease. Now you can do your first reset at level 375!

Server Empire now has a one-off discount on a VIP account - if you have never purchased VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 bonuses instead of 500 for 30 days.

Call your friends and do not forget to use the referral reward system. You can get your referral link in your account on the website.

When your referral donates bonuses, you and your referral will receive an additional + 10% of the transfer amount, but no more than 500 bonuses per person. You can track the amount of bonuses earned from each referral in your account in the referrals section.

In order to make our quest system less boring, we decided to significantly reduce the numbers in the most unloved and repetitive quests. Quests related to Fortune Pouches, Red Dragons, Golden Monsters, and Chaos Castle will now be completed much faster.

Players of Master x1 server have voted to increase the total number of stats for resets by ~30k. It is expected that this change will significantly improve the dynamics of PvP battles. You can get new stats by making a reset or tribute. Getting new stats by stats-reset service will be available tomorrow. Also, experience in the last resets was increased. You can see the updated reset table here.

In addition to the changed stats, after a week on server x1, monsters stats will also be changed. The same will apply to the Extreme server, where there are still weak monsters from the old days.

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