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Kidnapping for Zen

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(AnGeL) He was at Death King server 1. He opened other account his DL at server 2. He killed me at server 1 and I closed the software by that X and logged in again on server 2. He killed me both servers and got both Death King. I have never killed him one while we were doing Death King or Golden Tantalos's. He is so strong.

I used to play MU online last 10 years and this is how we do to close software by pressing the X at the corner. I do not read the rule that I will get ban for 7 days until he threatened me.

I spent server months to look for Great MU Online Server and I found one and already donated hundred bucks to buy Character and Set. I am fine to donate thousand to kill this kind of player back.

Look what he said, he threatened me for 500kk to not send the video to this forum that I closed the program. I refused to give.

I may commit the act against the rule that I do not know but he threatened me for this like in real life. I feel some players are not just playing the game.


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Ahah, dude. I gave you a chance not to receive ban in the end. And as a joke I said you to pay me 500kk zen to see what you will reply. I am using Shadowplay and my screen is recording all time and I could easily save video and create a topic on you and you could get ban for 1 week. 
In game rules I haven’t found something forbidden in my zen “kidnapping”. 
But you wanted to receive ban by yourself:)

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