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Raise cost of clear pk

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I suggest you raise the cost of clearing pk back to 5 or something because  people abuse it now, especially in bless arena. The cost to clear pk is cheaper than holding jewels to respawn in bless arena.

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5 or 10 cp would not discourage the few individuals that keep abusing the rules. Only the introduction of actual PVP elements would do so but I don't think many people would like that.

My suggestions :

Zero cost for PK clear

/pkclear command (or similar)

Teleport menu available at all PK levels


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Don't you dare to take off Angelus hobby 😄
PK clear should cost zen I think and I agree with command /pkclear
I understand if you take spot for hours to complete quest okey (therefore in BA they should enable option to put Store, so you could inform others in case of quest)
But if someone is using their multi acc (like silver pt or gold pt, cmon you let them just farm unfairly acc bonuses?)
And some people just stay for night or 24h on 1 spot, cmon there is a lot of players and small amount of spots even Vip arena isn't enough.
Thats why killing on spots is legit reason, if I need spot for quest I kill all people there until they disappear from BA.
More annoying was Kalima case, where K7 is kinda expensive place and still there some ONE guild guys kill you (and then they cry why everyone abuse them).

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