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[10.06.2021] - MUX Global Luxor x1000 & Arkania Episode 5

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As many already know, Bless has a sister project - MUX Global. This is our international server, which, thanks to last year's merger, now has a common account base with Bless. Today a new game world Luxor x1000 opens its doors there with the premiere of the global update Arkania Episode 5. The server is based on Empire x500 and has identical settings - balance, drops, economy, lottery, donate, which makes it fully compatible for future potential merges with the server Empire, or its future successor. Also, MUX Global is now connected to the zGames system - now you can withdraw your PlayPoints to MUX.

Arkania Episode 5 Part 1 update is a continuation of our global game world overhaul. This time we will have all classic locations Lorencia, Noria, Devias at the same time with their modified counterparts Ruined Lorencia, Jungle Noria and Snowstorm Devias, with Arkania staying as the capital and starting location moving back to original Lorencia. Quest System will get a completely new task layout with new monsters and locations.

And the cherry on top will be the new Lorencia Fortress Event. It will be similar to Kanturu Domination event, where guilds compete for controlling spots and the winner gets prizes, guild-buff and access to a closed location with spots. This location will be the new Fortress in Lorencia, that would be accessible from level 1 after reset and would be very valuable possession for a guild.

And finally, a little surprise of 30 FPS. So far in test mode, but it feels good already, so we invite everyone to come in and try it out. As for the Arkania concept, all summer we will be working on a sequel - Episode 5 Part 2, where there will be another new event, a second separate quest system and many new monsters, bosses and locations. And when all this is ready - this Arkania Episode 5 will appear on Bless with all our latest features and developments.

A discussion of the new server is available here, and all settings can be found here.

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