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Swamp of Peace

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Swamp of Peace - especially dangerous free pvp location

The main purpose is high-level quests and bosses.

The entrance to the location is through the Divine Statue в Arkania at coordinates 224 90.
Entrance fee is 1kk Zen. But with you in your inventory, be sure to have 500kk in order to be allowed to the location.

The entire location is a particularly dangerous Free PvP zone with anti-afk measures. Upon death, a character drops 1% of his current Zen, one pack of HP Potions of the largest size and respawns in the middle of the map at coordinates 133 104 - 144 113.


With further deaths, the character will appear at the same coordinates and Zen will drop out from him every time until they are completely finished - then the character will be teleported to Arkania. Thus, leaving the character on AFK in this location, you risk losing 500kk Zen.

Evil Spirits skill, Personal Store and Trade are disabled in Swamp of Peace. Players cannot transfer or hide their Zen. Upon exiting the game, character teleports to Arkania.


Medusa - 25 h - Blue Ribbon Box 
Temple Ogre - 13 h -  Green Ribbon Box 
Shrine Gremlin - 6 h - Pink Mistery Box 
Shrine Gargoyle - 3 h - Box of Kundun +5

Additional special mobs Vulture и Moth Queen (30 min respawn). С шансом 10% and 20% chance to drop Violet Mistery Box or 9 kk Zen.

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