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[8.04.2022] - Preparing to launch Deus - Part 1

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In Chaos Castle, a system has been added to gradually slow down the rate of consumption of Healing Potions, similar to how it was done on Kanturu Domination. 60 seconds after the start of the event, the rate of consumption of potions will gradually decrease for all players. This should make the event more dynamic and prevent it from dragging on when two players fight for 10 minutes and can't kill each other. An Anti-AFK system has also been added, if your coordinates do not change within 60 seconds you will receive a warning, after another 60 seconds you will be thrown out of the event. This should solve the problem with fellas that accidentally or on purpose get stuck in textures. The prize for Chaos Castle will now go directly to your inventory, this will solve situations where you fall at the same time as receiving the prize.

You can no longer delete characters in guest mode. Ancient items with +15 upgrades cannot be sold in the shop. Updated the list of items that cannot be dropped to the ground: buffs and potions, and items that cannot be sold to the shop: from the third wings and above. Read more about guest mode here.

Drop from your lottery can now be picked up only by you and members of your Party. The item will lie on the ground for 5 minutes and then simply disappear.

Fixed an issue where attempting to teleport to Kanturu Core on subservers could teleport you to a random location. We also fixed an issue where re-entering the game in Arkania near the event entrances could teleport you to the edge of the location. Functions responsible for all teleports have been tidied up, there should now be fewer errors when moving your character.

The number of items that can lie on the ground at the same time within the same map has been increased from 500 to 1000. This should solve the problem when there could be no drop from boxes and monsters if players were too active in one location.

Added the /summon command to guild members who own the castle. With this command, you can teleport your Party members who have reached level 200 to the Stadium. In order to prevent your character from teleporting in this way or using the Summon skill, you need to input the /stay on command.

Adjusted spawn coordinates when teleporting to the Lorencia Fortress event to prevent characters from being frozen outside the safe zone. Also lowered the Defense Rate of Skeleton Lord, your attacks on him will miss less.

You cannot complete quests by killing monsters that elf summoned. Bali and Soldiers must now be hunted in their natural habitat.

Removed user accounts from PvP logs. Now we will be able to share them more freely with the players. We are for complete transparency so that there are fewer mysteries about who could kill whom. Also, the wider availability of PvP logs will allow everyone to better understand them and more easily detect anomalies.

Santa Village is closed now. It will be possible to play with snowmen again next winter.

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