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[14.04.2022] - Preparing to launch Deus - Part 2

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The long-awaited Shards of Condor have been added to the game - fragments from which you can craft a full-fledged Flame of Condor. Chaos Machine combination mix: Condor Shard x30 + Jewel of Goldsmith x30 + Jewel of Creation x30 + Jewel Soul x30 + Jewel of Life x30 + Jewel of Chaos x1; cost 1 kkk Zen with 100% success rate. Shards have been added as prizes to the quest system, you can find out for which quests you can get a shard here. They are also added as drops to two bosses: Death Dealer in Ruined Lorencia and Lava Demon in Balgass Refuge. These changes should reduce the cost of Flame of Condor, reduce the load on Chaos Castle, make 3rd wings more accessible to the public, and open up new opportunities for trading with shards.

Updated the bosses in Devil Square, now the floor number matches the number of the golden monster that appears there: DS1 - Golden Goblin, DS5 - Golden Tantalos. On the last sixth floor, six golden monsters appear in order: Golden Budge Dragon, Golden Dragon, Golden Titan, Golden Dragon, Golden Lizard King, Golden Tantalos + Baragon with a Violet Mistery Box drop. All monsters in DS6 have been replaced with new ones, they have become a little stronger and give more experience. In the future, we should expect quests that, by analogy with BC7, will send you to DS6.

In the cities of Lorencia, Noria, Devias, trading through Personal Stores is now prohibited. A separate location has been allocated for this - Loren Market, now all shops can be found in one place, and they will no longer interfere in cities. In the future, we plan to make it possible to scroll through all open stores on the server using the list by approaching the NPC.

The Balgass Refuge location has been removed from the teleport menu. Now it can only be reached on foot through the Balgass Barracks. A small safe zone has been added to Refuge, where the character will stop for Freeze-Time when passing through the gate so that there is no desynchronization. Both locations are now Free-PvP zones, PK status does not increase when killing other players. Also, all the monsters were significantly strengthened here.

Two new spots with new monsters have been added to the game: Sirens in Atlants and Leatherheads in Silent Grounds. New boss for Lords of Bless Arena - Slaanesh. Linhao, Wukong, Homer, Lava Demon, Death Dealer, and Baragon also appeared in the game.

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