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[3.09.2022] - New server - Mega x100

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As promised, at Bless we now always launch two new servers every year. The previous high-rate server without achievements buff was great fun for the summer-spring season. Now it's time for a classic medium rate with full functionality.

The main distinguishing feature of the server will be improved rewards for Castle Siege. Now, in addition to the winner of the castle, the second place will be determined - the guild with the most seconds on the active crown during the siege. Castle owners will receive 60% of the castle treasury, second place 40% of the treasury. In addition to the treasury, we assign a prize fund from the administration in the amount of $5,000. Each siege, until the prize pool is exhausted, the winner will receive 4000 bonuses, the guild runner-up 2000 bonuses.

Additional stats in the form of rewards will be added to the system of random quests. A total of 2000 additional stats can be earned for these quests. Also, some existing tasks will be adjusted, new tasks and prizes will appear. By the way, on the Deus server at the time of writing this post, players have already completed more than 38 thousand random quests.

Finally, players will be able to permanently increase their character's stats with fruits. Each characteristic can be increased by 500 statpoints.

We are preparing a system of personal messages that players would be able to exchange with each other on the website.

Continue to follow the news on the website in anticipation of the launch. We will try to please you with some more interesting updates. One of them has already taken effect - update the client and check the right click in Trade and Chaos Machine.

All referrals registered from today will already be valid on the new server. You can get your referral link in your personal account by logging into any of the existing servers. So, if your friends are not with us yet, then it's time to invite them to join you at the opening of our new server.

Participate in the giveaway and get a chance to win 300 bonuses on any of our projects! 10 winners will be chosen randomly on September 22nd! If the number of participants will exceed 100 then there will be 20 winners.


Get acquainted with the key features of our project here.
A complete list of the features of our game worlds is here.
A detailed guide to playing on our servers is here.

Detailed information about the server and the reset table can be found here.

Mega x100 server will open on September 15th at 18:00!

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is the fruit increase also applicable in other servers? or just here in  Mega?

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What is the point fruit here. Can you send the link for newbies to learn. The time of the new server has been fixed. Please tell me when is the next or merging of x30 and x500 servers. thank you.

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