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[15.09.2022] - Preparing to launch - Mega

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New bosses in Swamp of Peace: Gloomseeker 2x, Chaosbrute 2x, Spinarak 2x. Random respawn around 5 hours and drop Violet Mistery Box.

New bosses in Bless Arena: Hammerhead, Sword Master, Demonic Priest, Queen of the Damned and Elite Demon Rider. The characteristics of all the monsters in the game can be found here.

The amount of possible options when creating second level wings has been increased to 5. The chances of getting 2 or more options have also been increased.

Lorencia Fortress and Kanturu Arena no longer have penalties for player kills, this will help avoid random Phono status.

Castle owners can no longer use the /summon command on phonomans, the teleport cost is now 5kk Zen.

Changed PvP option for Elven Wands to True Damage Absorb PvP +200.

Increased damage at the maximum accumulation of the Nova skill, now the final damage is 70 times higher than the base.

Reduced the effectiveness of the Elven damage buff for Dark Lords by 5%.

For gladiators, the amount of HP and damage that this class receives from unallocated stat points has been increased (relevant for the Extreme server). Changed character formulas can be found here.

In the craft system on the website, the resulting rings and pendants can now have from 0 to 7% HP Recovery. The cost of crafting Basilisk Swords has also been significantly increased.

New system that allows you to increase the characteristics of your character with the fruits is now fully operational. Each stat can be increased by 500. Stats obtained with fruits are saved upon reset or when resetting stats. When using fruit, you have a 75% chance that the selected stat will increase by 1-5 points and a 25% chance that the stat will decrease by the same amount. In the future, we should expect the appearance of new monsters, the killing of which will be similar to the eaten fruit.

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