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[18.02.2023] - Balance updates

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The long-awaited balance update has finally arrived. In it, we will try to address the problems of tanks and super combo damage for half-naked characters, increase the emphasis on teamplay, and adjust PvP to the new realities of 0.5-second combos.

Firstly, the additional combo damage has been removed, which in PvP always dealt an additional 10% of the target's maximum HP. Because of this, even very weak characters could deal significant damage to fat targets.

Added an increase in combo damage for all classes depending on the set bonus. For every 50 set bonus, your combo damage will increase by approximately 1 percent.

Updated combo formulas now look like this:
DW: 35% ENE + 45% MANA + 50% AG
DK: 90% STR + 30% ENE + 2% HP
ELF: 25% STR + 25% AGI + 35% ENE + 350% DEF RATE
MG: 90% STR + 90% ENE + 3% HP + 35% MANA
DL: 90% STR + 50% ENE + 50% COM + 45% AG

Debuffs have been updated: now if you are under the effect of Ice, your potion consumption speed will be reduced by 35%, if you are additionally under the effect of Ice Arrow, then you will receive an additional 20% reduction. Also, if you are under the effects of debuffs: Ice, Poison, Ice Arrow, Fireslash, then for each active debuff, incoming combo damage against you will increase by 7% through a compound percentage increase. With all 4 debuffs, incoming damage will be increased by 31%. This should encourage team play and give you the ability to kill unkillable targets.

Cooldown on the Inferno skill was reduced to 0.75 seconds, and Magic Damage from Mana for mages and gladiators increased. Increased damage from Energy for elfs, now EE will be able to deal significant damage without pumping Agility. Also increased damage with the Nova skill at maximum accumulation.

You can check out all the updated character formulas here.

Rings of Magic now grants a maximum of 12% Mana and an additional 2% when upgraded to +14. The same goes for the Pendant of Ability. This jewelry gave too good a boost at a very low price and without the need for upgrading.

In system messages, you can now see if your combo did not work in case of exceeding the cooldown.

Aggressive Siege buff has been improved, now for each successful defense or broken statue, the attacking side will receive an additional 1000 HP and 50 True Damage more.

Chaos Castle now has individual potion consumption rates per class. We will try to shift the meta so that the event will have rivalry not only between BK and SM.

On the Mega server, the HP of Blood Castle Gate and Statue has been increased, similar to the rest of the servers.

For those who can't start Launcher or minimize the game window - you need to create a new shortcut on the desktop for the Launcher.exe file or re-download and install the full client from the website.

These settings are not final and adjustments are possible in the coming weeks.

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if there is 0.5 seconds on combo time, why dont take out inferno cooldown?
Also we have anticheat on new client, im using it works well at the moment

Edited by firx

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@BeL4eNaK can the bug that is on elf when he has 801 attack speed for agility be removed?

elf can't put full stats 32767 for agility 

this lowers defense for the elf

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