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Ivan Nebraska

Rewards for streaming

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As you can see from the main page of our site, we are now actively collaborating with streamers of all nationalities and any number of subscribers.
Previously, this information was not available anywhere, the conditions were slightly changed and finalized and decided to be revealed to the public.

Rewards are given out for every 7 days of streaming. Each stream must be at least 2 hours long. The rewards look like this:
300 web bonuses - the minimum fee if each stream was posted in a special chat in Discord and the records of all streams are on the channel.
up to +200 web bonuses - given for the design of the channel and stream. Avatar, channel background, About section, scene change - Stream starting, Stream ending, other graphics. Stream frames can be a nice addition, but a full screen game is more welcome.
up to +250 web bonuses - if you stream with a microphone, create activity, and answer questions in the chat. If your microphone is turned on, but the streamer is silent for most of the stream, the bonuses number for it will be minimal.
up to +250 web bonuses - webcam on the stream turned on during most of the stream. For example, you can go to the toilet and turn it off for 10 minutes, but if the streamer appears on the camera for 10 minutes of the entire stream, the increase will also be small.

It is obligatory to have a microphone.

A few more points worth noting:

  1. Cursing on streams is prohibited (or very it should be minimized).
  2. While you are streaming our project, you cannot stream other similar projects, especially on our main page. If you decide to leave your post as a streamer to stream another project, please let us know in advance. Otherwise, you will be suspended from streaming our project.
  3. At the beginning of the title of each stream there should be a link to our project site - "mu.bless.gs".
  4. Standing in the AFK for more than 15 minutes from the entire stream will result in a reduction or complete non-payment for a particular stream. Leave AFK content out of streams.
  5. Following recent events, I think it should be mentioned that insulting and mocking the administration on the streams sponsored by the administration itself is prohibited. As a punishment - suspension from streaming on the main page will be applied.
  6. If you start the stream from the intro screen, it should hang for no more than 10 minutes.
  7. Streams must be held in the MU Online twitch category.
  8. At the end of the streaming week, stream statistics must be provided. We will evaluate and reward you additionally according to it.

Additional bonuses are given for great chat activity and your own audience of followers.

If you have ideas for holding new, original events, you will receive additional web bonuses - from 200 for each event + prizes for the winners will also be given by the administration.

If you are interested write to Discord Ivan Nebraska#7980.

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3 минуты назад, yraffe1212 сказал:

If i stream two times in a day, for example one in morning and another one in evening, it is 2/7?

it will be counted as 1 day

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3 minutes ago, DrakonisTW said:

it will be counted as 1 day

what if i dont turn off stream ever? cus my pc on 24/7

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1 минуту назад, blesskoost сказал:

what if i dont turn off stream ever? cus my pc on 24/7


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Starting from 18.05.2023, one of the main requirements will be having a microphone.

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As you can see from the main page of the site, there are a lot of streamers, and even despite the addition of a microphone as a mandatory requirement to get to the main site, most of the streamers do not develop their channels in any way, roughly speaking "fulfilling the minimum norm" and receiving bonuses.

Based on the statistics collected every week from streamers, we decided to do the following:

Streamers whose channels are under the spoiler have had good activity for several weeks and will continue to receive rewards.

Some streamers have been removed from the main page for stream replays, poor channel art, and insults/foul language on streams. Check your Discord roles.

Those who are not on the list either have not streamed in the last 2 weeks, or are not up to par in activity. If you don't see yourself on the list, you can continue to stream on the main page, gaining an audience and improving the quality of your streams until you reach the top ones. We will evaluate you according to the following criteria:

  1. The activity of the streamer on his stream, including the ability to constantly communicate by voice
  2. The activity of the streamer's audience on streams
  3. Picture and sound quality
  4. Channel design as a matter of course

Thus, we limit the threshold for receiving bonuses. The message is that whoever tries hard enough, will be able to develop and gain an audience, will receive rewards from us. And who does not try, making minimal effort, will no longer be rewarded.

Another small announcement. When servers decrease in activity, usually during summer, the rewards received by streamers will be reduced by 30%. 3 months from the opening of a new server - rewards return to their previous values.

Everyone who is already on the main page can finish a week of streams at the old rates. Then, over the summer, there will be a reduction in the number of rewards received for the remaining streamers and those who can stream at their level.

In the future, more adjustments will be made to the system.

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As people still are trying to scam the requirements to get bonuses and no measures help fight it, as well as to remove streamers from heavy influence to the server economy, we decided to:

1) Remove further rewards for almost all of the streamers (stay notified if you keep receiving the salary)
2) From now on, rewards will be in server bonuses (on the new server start web bonuses again for some time)
3) If you have some unpayed streams, please pm me, you will receive rewards in server bonuses for stream days
Starting from tomorrow though, no further streams will be rewarded, unless notified

The rewards will be back at the launch of the next server. How exactly, you will find out closer to the opening

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New changes in the streaming system.

From the launch of Jade x10, the following changes await the streaming system:

1) Anyone can get to the main page and start streaming, but there will be only 10 paid places
2) Starting from September 21 to October 2, you need to stream at least 7 days and send statistics to my Discord to evaluate activity and get into the top 10 paid streamers. The list of paid streamers will be announced on October 3 and on the same day, everyone from the top 10 will receive bonuses for their streams.
3) The list will be updated every week, when newbies will outscale by activity streamers from the top

Rewards to streamers will be sent in full in server bonuses until the next decrease in activity in the game (will be announced in this thread).

If you want to be added to the main page, please contact me in Discord - Ivan Nebraska#7980

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