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List of quests held by QM's

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Posted 02 June 2016 - 06:53

Hello everybody! Here you can read a description of in game quests, which are usually presented by our Quest Makers. Be informed – be prepared!



  • Seek & Hide – QM hides in one of the maps, gives a hint about his location, and waits till he is found.


  • Find the item – QM will ask to bring him a certain item, with certain upgrade level, the first who brings this item to QM wins.


  • Guess the monster or item – QM encrypts the name of an item or a monster using - *, First one who guessed the encrypted word wins. Example:  ***g*n ***t* (dragon boots). You have to write your answers to /post.


  • Run or Swim - Under identical conditions, people run (swim) a predetermined distance, the one who was the first - wins. There can be more than one winner, depending on the time and number of participants.


  • Stumps - QM gathers a group of people from 5-6 persons (depending on the number of stumps) in Lorencia / Noria at stumps to play a popular game known as "chairs". With the command "Start" players start to run around the stumps till GM gives a "Stop" command, and then all try to sit on the stumps, who did not sat - lost. If, due to the visual bugs someone didn't sat down (visually for gm) or both did - the tour is replayed for the two of them. After the defeat of the participant he might be asked to take one of the stumps so others could continue to play, who will take the last stump - wins.


  • Countries & Capitals -   The point is very simple; I write a name of a country and you have to tell me its capital (or other way around).


  • Where does monster lives? – QM gives a name of the monster and you have to tell in which location it habits. Using /post.


  • Prices in SMS shop - QM chooses an item from SMS shop, for example Imperial Staff + 12 [2493]. Its cost 2493 bonuses - so this will be the answer. Same with all items in SMS shop. You need to give your answer using /post.


  • Defense – QM tells any number and players need to collect items (and show them to GM) that in overall sum of defense will add up to the number QM had told.


  • Weapons of monsters – QM names a weapon, and players have to answer – which monster is carrying this weapon. Answer using /post.


  • Battleships – QM places and item in his store (usually 1x1 item like Health potion), and players have to guess in which cell of a store the item is. For example 3x4 (where first number is height and second is length). Answers to /post.


  • Follow me - Players create a party of 4 people, and leave 1 space for QM. Then the party which successfully added GM as a 5th member has to lead the QM to the destination he has told. QM puts Follow command on any member of the party. The player's task is - to bring the QM to the destination. The other players are allowed to interfere and kill the escorts. In case of death of all the party where QM was in, QM breaks that party and accepts a party from other players. The party who will be able to bring the QM to the specified location will win.


  • Extra word – QM writes 4 words, but only 3 of them are somehow connected and 1 is extra. For example: Worm, Guard, Elf Soldier, Tantalos. The extra word in this example is – Tantalos, because first 3 are in Devias but Tantalos is in Tarkan.


  • Price of Teleport – Teleportation to any location costs ZEN, GM tells a Location and players have to tell – how much ZEN teleport to that location costs. Using /post.


  • Guess the skin - QM gathers people in Lorencia, Devias or on any other map, with a good overview and takes the form of a monster, players have to guess Who is it and write the answer correctly. The one who does it first – wins.


  • Dots – QM writes a certain amount of dots, and players have to answer how many dots there are. For example “ .... “  as you can see there are 4 dots, so players have to write – 4 in /post.



Information about quests:

  •      For 1 win, 15 bonuses will be debited to your account
  •      Each QM carries 3 quests with 5 winners in each quest.
  •      Bonuses are debited by GM Arthur.


The list can be updated, if players have an idea, write a PM to any Senate member or to his Skype and if he likes it, he will carry it. Hopefully the list will be expanded, it is difficult to come up with new quests, but it is possible. Thank you for attention.

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