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  1. Well, than this is your chance to unite all the solo players make a guild and revive the dead server.
  2. Да, забыл сказать что на сайте есть функция удаления дубликатов. Закрыто тогда.
  3. пишет что у вас дюпаный предмет. @Ivan Nebraska @Drakonis поможете?
  4. Have you died a few times in BA while you was there?
  5. Type-R


    Red fenrir, is exactly the gap breaker you are looking for. Dinorant is PVE pet, end off.
  6. Type-R

    Proposed merger

    Will the Jade server settings stay the same as they are now? I mean like, exp and amount of max stats for characters for example? Or maybe you can make a hybrid between Jade and Avalon settings?
  7. For items which cost more than 10kk, would be wise to add a confirmation box, i agree.
  8. Type-R

    Blood Castle

    Есть определенные споты на которых ингридиенты сыпятся довольно часто. Вот там то и те кто продавали их и фармили. Может кто-то подскажет на каких спотах части хорошо фармить плс?
  9. Топик бомба, автору респект. В му всегда по дефаулту была эта таблица, и я всегда думал жаль ее тут нету. Между прочем данный патч скачал и он работает, только есть косяки, некоторые тексты устарели, допустим даже выбор серверов изкорежен им. Ребят, кто умеет, обновите плс, и если можно то в дефаултном виде для эстетики. вот так - https://prnt.sc/kOyelEm21nl1
  10. What's wrong with current endgame - complete all the achievements first? And keep doing guild tributes?
  11. I doubt weapon type increases range for twisting slash. You can test that on the training worm, let us know your findings.
  12. Type-R

    AE Elf

    не правельно сравнивать урон бк и эльфа по множеству причин, один скилл дмг % другой тру дмг, по монстрам с большим дефом меняются рассклады.
  13. You must understand that anti-cheat system sometimes bans automaticaly. Also you must understand that due to the fact that you was not sharing your account name with administration for so long, they could not check what’s wrong with your account. Therefore this took so long to resolve. And finaly it looks like it was just unlucky for you coincidence, as your pc hardware matched with a hardware of another player who was actualy cheating and was banned, therefore system blocked access for your hardware as well
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