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  1. Thank you, I managed to finally see him spawn around 11:30 and managed to kill him. Just one more extra question here: Is there somewhere a place where it shows when the boss was killed? Thanks!
  2. Hello, can someone clarify please spawn times for quest #257 Hammerhead only for Bless Arena? I see on the website that it spawns every 1.5 Hours, but what does this mean? Does it mean the 1st spawn time is at 00:00 or at 01:30? From where do I start the calculation? As well, are the coordinates in Bless Arena 148 046 where it spawns? Meaning the 1st star? And does it always spawn there? Because 3 times while waiting at these coordinates I got the Happy Pouch and the Witch Doctor instead of the Hammerhead. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello, I would like to ask if there is a chaos machine combination for the Guardian Angel? I know that for 10x Horn of Uniria + 1 Chaos you get the Horn of Dinorant, but is there such combination for the Guardian Angel as well? How about for the Horn of Dinorant can I combine it with another 10x pcs to get something else? Thanks.
  4. I have a question: Why all servers have reset limit? Such as this one reset limit at 30. This means that it is not possible to max all attributes to 32767 which should be the end game? And a suggestion as well: Is it possible in the future to have a new server that has the system where once you reset, all of your points are taken and you receive 500 points for the 1st reset, 1000 for the 2nd reset, 1500 for the 3rd reset and so on? Thanx.
  5. 1. My nickname: uNaiR2. Game server: Origin3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.3 I would say, but feel free to evaluate4. Nickname of the offender: Czmych5. Proof: Screenshots attached In my opinion the eternal problem of this server where one spot is dominated by a psycho and no one around that spot can farm or take 1 monster down because he/she will get killed. It's a jungle law basically over spots and in my opinion having no rules about this for spots takes us to situations like this. This person was farming Ikarus with his SM, I just placed my char BK in a spot to take 1/2 mobs for quests because of the limited range of the class and the guy PK's me. I go back and in self defense I PK him back and then he comes back, he PK's me again, but this time he goes killer. I PK him one last time from my main and then once he realizes he's stuck in Devias :)) he starts his poetry. For me, because Kanturu is full of situations like this, and imagine having 1500 ppl/server and 1 guy / spot, it would be very logic to ban players kill on farm spots and to force anyone that's farming on a spot to have the option /ap on. If the guy has it on and someone PK's him, then the killer must be punished. If the guy has it off and someone PK's him, then no punishment should be applied. And like this we play based on the main design of spots where they were created for full parties and not 1 player in disadvantage of others.
  6. Based on the above table the max number of resets on this server is 35? Is not possible to go above this number? And in order to gather more points quest system will have to be followed?
  7. Hello, I am unable to sell this item that I retrieved from my vault. I wonder if this is a bug or not. After I click ok, it says on the top left You can't do that and then I can only close the shop with X under the Zen icon, other keys from the keyboard like Esc are receiving no reaction from the game, I tried again after relogging and is the same. Thx
  8. Hi, if you are new on the Origin server or you are looking for a guild the newly formed HeaveN guild is recruiting. Please write here your in game name or PM me in Discord for invite. Thanks!
  9. unair

    Zen limit?

    Hello, I recently reached Zen limit on char and stash of I have 26 rrs, is there a way to increase this limit on both char and stash? Thx
  10. unair

    LFG Origin

    Hello Grand Master 25 rr looking for guild on Origin server. Thx
  11. Hello there used to be so many ppl with open stores selling items on Origin 1st server in Noria, Lorencia and Devias, but now there is no one. Has there been an update not allowing them anymore or is temporarily because new server opened and they all went there playing?
  12. Hello, I have 20 rr, 10k in agi and ene. I wanted some better gear and 1st time I went to kill a +4 kundun mob which 1 hit killed me. What is the min stats I need to have to kill a mob like this? Thx
  13. Hello, For some reason I saw the +5 Kundun mob only in Devil Square 6, but never in Tarkan, same for +4 in Atlans. Where can I find the mobs for +4 and +5 boxes drop? Thanks
  14. Hello, is there a way to change item stats? I have a staff that has Acquisition rate of life and I would like change it to Acquisition rate of mana. Is there a way to do this? Thx!
  15. unair

    MU on MacBook?

    See, try one by one: https://www.google.com/search?q=mu+online+on+mac&oq=mu+on+mac&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0i10i19i22i30j0i19i22i30l5j69i60.45324j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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