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  1. Actually you have the option to increase your Twisting Slash skill and it is based on the equipped weapon that you have, which makes sense. I believe that spears have the highest range in game for BK. I might be wrong, because this server is a bit customized, but back in the day this is how it was. It is normal on a spear to have higher range compared to a Short Sword, but then again it depends on how the developers made the game and I think if it is like this, this is the right way.
  2. An alternative it is ok as long as we don't involve the present Rudolf in PVP as it has nothing to do with it. This pet it is strictly PVE. Angel and Satan are both PVE and PVP for instance, but Rudolf is not part of this category. We can say it is an alternative that serves only PVE and it should be immune to PVP damage. Many ppl as you see above enjoy attacking a character just because it has Rudolf equipped in order to kill him and harm the player because it has a market value that maybe they cannot afford or simply just to make evil to others which is why it is stupid to have a completely passive pet involved in PVP. It makes no sense. The way it is now, you or anyone can use Rudolf ONLY in Aida. That's the only place where Rudolf makes sense to use atm.
  3. It happens every week actually. Sometimes they give the bon after some time 1 or 2 weeks, sometimes even if you vote you don't receive anything. I think the website is broken. @BeL4eNaK
  4. unair


    Define toxicity. Here's a practical example: Server is crowded because the limit of players is almost reached. All spots are full or super full. You find a spot and /ap on. A player comes, maybe stronger, and instead of partying with you he PK's you. Now if he has 2 or 3 game windows open and 2 or 3 strong chars, you can't defeat him. But party should be the 1st option in this game because that's what spots are for. However there is no penalty for him and normally if a player sits on the spot with /re off, you should have the opportunity to kill him without becoming red.
  5. It goes up to +28 on weapons and +35 on shields, I've used at one point 3 packs of 30 Life on 1 item with Luck option! Even tough I don't think the Luck option is applicable for Life jewel as well. So one item can take lots of jewels.
  6. Overall for the end game are Ancient Sets better than non ancient sets? What is the advantage to equip non ancient sets? The fact that you can "customize" the options with Reflect, Damage Decrease etc.?
  7. unair

    Mega / Autopickup

    They pick up what? Medals, hearts, jewels?
  8. Guys, I'm not getting the correct amount of Bon after voting. Either MMOTOP.RU or MMOANONS.COM is not registering 2 Bon...
  9. LEL! 10 hours sounds fine to me 🤣 Does it include waiting for the ppl to fk off from the spot while they are leveling so that you can do the quest?
  10. Hello, regarding 3rd profession quest, what is the drop rate for Feather of Phoenix? Because it does not drop from the Phoenix in Icarus. The spawn time of the phoenix is every 3 mins, but there is either no drop, or it drops zen or random items. You can spend 1h easily killing phoenix every 3 mins and you won't get a single Feather of Phoenix. I think I've seen this discussed somewhere else in the forum that is does not drop. Regarding Flame of Death Beam Knight, Mega now is so agglomerated after the merge with Origin, that ppl just farm that spot for XP. You cannot sit there waiting for the mob to kill him for the quest because random ppl use that spot to level up through the entire day and night. Can we have the Death Beam Knight mob and Phoenix mob spawn somewhere else as well, at least in one extra spot in Ruined Devias, Lorencia, Noria etc.? Or at least increase the drop rate of the Feather of Phoenix? Thanks.
  11. Told u so. What does it mean expensive items? How expensive were they for 1 reset? The items were from Heart of love?
  12. Hello, it seems that one of my chars was renamed after the merge process between servers Origin and Mega. Is there a way I can pick another nick for my char in this case? Thanks.
  13. Hello, after merge from Origin to Mega as / below screenshot I did not receive the 4 bon after I voted. More than 2h have passed as well. Thanks
  14. American spies working on stealing the data now through the toilet server of Hillary.
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