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  1. Not gonna lie, it was funny when I was trying to do mutant hero quest in arka and army of elves and dark lords to summon them announced war against me. 2-3 elves on both spots on 3 servers +dls to summon them so 12-18 elves and few DLs. That was just for hero mutants, pretty sure it's same for axe heroes. Dark lords stay safe on bridges, few elves with PK as killers and rest just being insta summoned when killed. Difficulties with doing quests in aida are also funny, either every spot is taken, or you leave char for few minutes afk and someone is stealing everything from you, not even going in party when you have ap on 😅 Importance of zen makes people a little crazy with using multiple accounts
  2. I read everything it just sounds like a lot of quality of life features and things like 50% less reset cost sounds too powerful, especially for new servers. On vegas currently 50% of zen cost of all resets would be +-9000bons worth of zen. First few months of servers those quality of life features from vip would matter way more than small power buff, already it's very hard to keep up as no vip vs vip and that gap would just increase. But you are right I should have mentioned that removing direct power buff sounds correct, and your idea to focus vip on convinience is also correct in my opinion - but so much convinience is just directly converted to power and puts more preassure to buy it which is bad if you want populated server.
  3. This server is crazier than I thought, never saw casual posts and overall approvement for asking for more p2w lol
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